Video Conversations in Permaculture with Willi Paul, Guest: Sarah Kelsen – Land Beyond the Sea Ecological Design

Video Conversations in Permaculture with Willi Paul, Guest: Sarah Kelsen – Land Beyond the Sea Ecological Design. Presented by 5-4-11

Watch Our Conversation Now! & refer to the show notes below – WP

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Sarah Kelsen, Consultant –
Land Beyond the Sea Ecological Design

The following link contains photos of one of my favorite design projects, Casa Lily in Chiapas, Mexico.

About Sarah –

I am (a young professional and old soul) dedicated to restoration ecology, ecofeminism, indigenous ecological knowledge, & permaculture, building community & ecological conscience …

My passions lie in simply & peacefully reconnecting with the wonders of the natural world & with each other; reinvisioning our present concept of reality, as a part of the ecosystems on which we inherently depend.

I have traveled throughout Central America studying & celebrating traditional ecological knowledge, deep ecology & permaculture, through thousands of years of practice, with a grounding in earth based spirituality, ecological stewardship, & reciprocity, quite the amazing relationship! I specifically work with complex, self-designing ecosystems, creating ecological water treatment/capture/reuse systems, programming in native species restoration, urban organic agriculture, & herbal-medicinal gardens; most of my experience has been in Mexico (where I thoroughly enjoyed the rejuvenating & cleansing Mexican-Mayan temazcal!).

My vision is, in the words of the Hopi, “blending with the land & celebrating life.” The sacred is manifested in my life through immersion in the beauty of the natural world & celebrating with community through art, yoga, song, dance, & love. I have been an organic gardener all my life, fortunate to be surrounded by edible perennials, forest gardens, veggies, fruits, chickens, goats & am now expanding my knowledge of medicinal herbals & wild edibles.

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Some of the Topics Today –

+ Sacred?
+ Indigenous work & play
+ Woman’s Circle
+ New stories, symbols, songs,…
+ Alchemy? 7 types?
+ Traditional ecological knowledge vs. permaculture
+ Can technology save us?
+ Sarah is a Shaman?!
+ Ecological conscience
+ Eco-Feminism at University

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Land Beyond the Sea, Ecological Design

Land Beyond the Sea is a multi-disciplinary Ecological Design firm with practice based in native species restoration, permaculture, urban ecology, organic agriculture, & composting, ecological treatment systems for wastewater & stormwater treatment, wetland reclamation, reforestation, public space beautification, & environmental youth outreach & education.

We apply core tenants of Ecological Engineering & Permaculture, focusing on design for the mutual benefit of humans & the natural world, envisioning humans as active participants in healing the web of life, employing the self-designing capacity of ecosystems, stressing complex interwoven relationships, involving ancient traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous communities, embracing integrated, adaptive & collaborative management, eliminating the concept of waste, harvesting renewable energy, utilizing rainwater catchment & reuse, focusing on a localized, community scale, inspiring awareness, stewardship, & action!

Connections –

Sarah Kelsen, Consultant
Land Beyond the Sea Ecological Design
Sarahkelsen at

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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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