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Mythology at the Edge of the World – Interview with New Mythologist Willi Paul

 Willi’s Bio Willi Paul launched Magazine on Earth Day 2009 to build a database on innovation, sustainability, and mythology. He launched in 2011 to share new myths and alchemies related to permaculture and the Transition Movement. Please see his article at the Joseph Campbell … Continue reading

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Color Palette and Camouflage for Cascadia: Biomimcry by Willi Paul,

Mimicry: An anti-predatory device where a species copies the appearance, sound or form of a model species in order to survive. Camouflage: A survival technique in which an otherwise visible organism may be unseen or indiscernible from its surrounding environment. … Continue reading

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“Our road share prayer ritual for Cascadia’s Light Network.” New Myth 33 by Willi Paul,

– excerpt – “Each time JeanNannette jumps off her horse at a Post-Transition tribe on one of her runs up Cascadia’s spine, she looks for the community healer or elder to ask about food, lodging, bathing – and to arrange … Continue reading

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PermacultureHub Interview with Willi Paul, New Mythologist by Jesse

The PermacultureHub team recently conducted an interview with Willi Paul, permaculture explorer and Principle of More about Willi Paul and his work can be found here and here.  1. How did you first learn about permaculture design and which of the three ethics … Continue reading

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Harrison’s BioChar Seed Balls & the Grail Pile. New Myth 32 by Willi Paul, – snippet – “Harrison is collaborating with Occupy the Farm on genetically protecting her seeds from Monsanto.  The backyard farmer will tell anyone who stops by that the “super soil’ is her “elixir”, or grail.”

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