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Lightning washing the dream seeds. [ openmythsource #6 ] New Mythology for the Sustainability Age. By Willi Paul

walking in indian summer souls ‘round the block nobody else believes me falling from the trees i was born up here burning old quarter moons solar flares unplugging holes in your heart tiny mythic mix-ups lightning washing the dream seeds … Continue reading

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Interview with Japanese Water Artist Ichi Ikeda

Does anyone really own the earth’s water? I remember days when I was invited to participate in the water symposium at the school in the Finger Lakes, NY. And there I found the following sentence in some booklet on watershed … Continue reading

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A Good Leader is a Good Follower. Presented by Magazine &

Each leader has a unique combination of leadership qualities. Skills may come from education or experience—ideally both, but don’t overlook someone who can do the job just because they only have one or the other. Different roles also call for … Continue reading

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Dave Llorens, General Manager, One Block Off the Grid

Get Your Community Together! Interview by Willi Paul This is a type of broker business model? To be honest, One Block Off the Grid is actually the reverse of a broker. Brokers generally connect a customer to a service provider … Continue reading

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