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Re-discovering and transmuting the Sacred through Spirit Offerings, New Mythic Maps, Nature Lore & Digital Alchemy

Welcome to openmythsource. Our collaborative goals include to research, write and disseminate new mythologies and alchemy for the Sustainability Age based on emerging values and techniques found in the global permaculture movement.

From songs that summon up visions of new worlds, images that open us to the possibilities of life, investigative essays, we’re exploring the power of mythology and all the alchemy in between. See our workshops for how we collaborate.

“Permaculture, Carl Jung and the New Archetypes”

by Willi Paul

New Global Mythology Group @ Depth Psychology Alliance


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Willi Paul launches “Permaculture Willi” Kickstarter Campaign;

seeks funding for an animation pilot

"Interview with New Mythologist Willi Paul" by Jeremy Watts,

“Interview with New Mythologist Willi Paul” by Jeremy Watts,

“Caroline Fang and the Train to Eden” – “Children’s Climate Change Video” – New Myth #51 / Myth Lab #10 by – Willi Paul, 

”The Quarry Men:” A Conversation on New Mythology

with Carridine Poran and Willi Paul

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5 New Nature-based Rituals for the Permaculture Transition” .

Vision by Willi Paul,



Building a new sound symbol library for global community storytelling. Videos (3) + Lesson Planning + PDF. By Willi Paul,


“The Talisman”. Interview with Mythologist Willi Paul by Derek Joe Tennant,

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Myth Lab #9

New Myth #50



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“Myth Lab Live @ NW Permaculture Convergence 2013, Forest Grove, OR” : Report from Willi Paul

event site:

Event Summary:  Myth Lab – Tree of Life Mural

June 24 – 30, 2013

The “Tree of Life” mural is one of many urban art pieces that grace highway support beams in Chicano Park, San Diego, CA. To create a new myth around the “Tree of Life” mural, review the mural’s history and the Myth Lab process model.  Use your reactions, ideas, plots and visions to create a new myth that supports nature and the culture celebrated in the painting. All submissions for New Myth #46 will be considered and published at Magazine & Network.

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Interview with New Mythology’s Willi Paul

by Jessica Cox,

Myth Lab #2 Process Model

“ManPipe and the Ocean Clan. New Myth #39.” “Myth Lab 2 – Imprinting the Transition for the New Mythology.” Willi Paul,

Myth Lab


A Transition Workshop Primer for Imprinting the

New Mythology

Download the PDF version

Willi Paul –


The Purpose of Creating Myths” –
Interview with Willi Paul by Lauren Evans

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by Sharon Blackie, Editor,

Raising Permaculture Consciousness – Three Roles & Synergies? 

“permaculture consciousness”

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New Animation Model & Case Study for Transition Children

Light Network 504

Cascadia’s Light Network.” eBook 10.

New Myths # 1 – 34 by Willi Paul,

Mythology at the Edge of the World
Interview with New Mythologist Willi Paul 

By Emily Harris

PermacultureHub Interview with Willi Paul, New Mythologist by Jesse Van Wollingen

Building the Story of Cascadia: New Tools for the Transition

Workshop Video & Hand-out from 2012 NWP Convergence

by Willi Paul,

“Mapping Future Myths for the Transition” – Workshop & Video – Willi Paul. The First Study of Myth Symposium, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. 8/31 – 9/2 – 2012.  See ….

Sustainable Living & The New Mythology: Interview with Willi Paul of PlanetShifter Magazine and Open Myth Source, by Julianne Victoria, Through the Peacock’s Eyes

“Shapeshift Threshold Reverie”. Interview with Maila T. Davenport PhD,, Portland

The Cascadia Funnel and the Last 3 Eras on Earth.

New Myth 25 by Willi Paul

diffusor – new myths 16 – 25.  eBook 9 by Willi Paul &

Journey to Cascadia: Building a New Global Mythology. For 2012 Study of Myth Symposium Work Shop

 All The New Myths:

Mythic Sound Ring – Solar Flare Journey – New Myth 22 (video) 

Join Author & Mythologist Willi Paul work trek into the
New Global Mythology at the Depth Psychology Alliance

sound symbols, archetypes & the power of myth:

an alchemic journey with Nature begins

 Calling the Seeds19 Interviews with Women in Permaculture and Transition: 2010 – 2012A Source Directory

water sound symbol myth: building new nature-based myths (Video)

Regenerator: Transition Tools for Mapping New Symbols, Songs & Mythology. eBook 5.

The Transition River Lovers. New Myth # 18  


Interview with Lady Red Hawk (audio) 2/27/12


Shamanator & the Cob Fire Hearts – New Myth 17

Model & Initial Questions for Convergence 2012 + by Willi Paul    


SirensKristina Bennett Interviews Willi Paul

Tribes: 15 Illustrated New Myths for the Permaculture Age by Willi Paul. An freeBook 

Mythic Map @ 2011 NW Permaculture Convergence. A Transition Tool for Creating Culture. By Willi Paul and Communing with Nature participants.We generated many symbols, themes, characters and identified conflicts at the NW Permaculture Convergence. Please watch the video and follow along with the Mythic Map (2 sides) and Instructors Notes 

Chrysalis Songs for The Permaculture Age: Transmuting the New Myth, Alchemy, Symbols & Sacred. Willi Paul, 2011 

Community Building, Work &  Creativity in the Permaculture Age – A class by Willi Paul, A PLACE for Sustainable Living, Oakland

Transmuting the Episcopalian – The Willi Paul Interviews: 2011 – 2009 (and counting down).

Roots to the Sky at Amma Farm. Journal Entry #4 by Willi Paul. Urban Permaculture Institute Summer 2011 class 

Permaculture Symbols 2. Building New Myths with Kids!

Permaculture Mythology – Interview with Willi Paul by Sue Lebeck,

Comparative Alchemy in the Permaculture Age. On transmutation from and the Alchemy Guild

Permaculture as the New Unifying Model for Human – Nature. Willi Paul. Watch the video by clicking here.

Permaculture Ritualizer: A Kid’s Tool for Writing New Stories, Symbols, Songs & Myths. Video. By Willi Paul,

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New! New Myth #8: Che-Lou’s Black Bricks & the First Supper, by Willi Paul

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Welcome to Sacred in Permaculture – A Global Certificate Course

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Seven New Myths for the SacredPermaculture Age. By Willi Paul

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A kind of a earth day alchemic manifesto? Check-out the Joseph Campbell Foundation “MythNow” blog article by Willi Paul, entitled:Mother, Sun and the Compost Pile in the April 2011 web site.

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Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition. Permaculture Teaching Video #3. Filmed & Edited by