“A Myth and a Prayer” – Article and Conversation about Mythology with Gregory Gronbacherand Willi Paul from Planetshifter.com Media

“A Myth and a Prayer” – Article and Conversation about Mythology with Gregory Gronbacherand Willi Paul from Planetshifter.com Media

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Willi: I am creating new Nature-born and modern community sharing rituals. Spiritual not religious in construct. Do you share this calling? Any examples?

Gregory: Well, that depends on how you define spiritual and religious. If by spiritual and not religious you mean non-restrictive, relying less on institutions, free-flowing, open, and allowing for personalization, then sure. But if you mean “anything goes”, no intellectual foundations, fuzzy thinking, no boundaries, no principles – then I can share much of your efforts, but will likely find them without adequate foundations to endure or be meaningful in a communal setting. If spirituality becomes too idiosyncratic, it becomes difficult to ground community around such.

Willi: Can the community be the hero now?

Gregory: Yes, I think we may be witnessing a move away from the unhealthy individualism that has us all embarking on isolated quests toward an awareness that we are moving forward, evolving in a collective, communal way. The best journeys are a mix of personal and communal affairs. Additionally, the notion of the separation of the individual from the community is somewhat artificial.


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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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