“The Remembering Chair” New Myth #68 by Willi Paul, planetshifter.com media

 “The Remembering Chair” 
New Myth #68 by Willi Paul, planetshifter.com media


Hasn’t rained in these brown hills for years.

Gas stations and their auto parents are gone – as are the farmers, senior homes and cedar bark.

A local living legend generator, the ragged silver arm chair is coughing-up hellos down in the cracked up town Reservoir.

Choose a sunrise or sunset slot then lower your gravity into a remember trance.

Dream of greener times, reservoir in flush, a safer community, colored rain coats and snow masks.

At one edge, distant from the seat, a food forest is vacant silent gray, just dirt and stumps, like the atmosphere above.

I dig with my hands and feet, deep under the reservoir bottom, 127 feet and find my Grandmother sitting on a couch, surrounded by canteens and sand.

“I see the trance is showing you a way,” she said.

“To fix the drought?” I said.

“No, to the water spirit,” she smirked.

“With the drought, you have no more human-generated solutions now. It is no longer a man-made fix from green tech. The Earth is too hot and the polar ice caps are gone for a science fix,” she said.

“How do we fill the reservoir, then?” I exclaimed.

“When you return to the Light of consciousness, pray to the water spirit as best you can and promise the water you find will be freely shared by all people and communities in the area.”

When the drill pipe hit 127 feet, water gushed in the air and filled up the town reservoir with clean water. The old chair was once again preserved unseen as a civic statue and prayer portal.

* * * * * * * *

Thank you to all of the Transition Palo Alto – Mythic Peninsula Roundtable participants for their spirit and imagination on 4/1/15.

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