“Four Zone Food Security System for a Permaculture Village.” “Design for Resilience” by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

“Four Zone Food Security System for a Permaculture Village.” “Design for Resilience” by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine


“A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defense. In some places moats evolved into more extensive water defenses, including natural or artificial lakes, dams and sluices…”


* * * * * * * *


The simplified permaculture-based security system proposed in this piece must surely raise this question:


“Who or what is the security threat in 2017? 2062?”


Answer: People who are not in the Village who are seeking food, shelter and community. This village vision is connected to my Post-Chaos Era New Myths series that describes life in NorCal after the collapse of the current global system.


Due to a lack of infrastructure, the plan is an attempt to provide an orderly and secure life for the Tribe while regulating both visitors and adversaries.

Many Permaculture Principles are found in this “Design with Nature” plan:


4. Each element performs multiple functions – as in the integrated zones


7. Use small scale, intensive systems – the stream feed the moats


8. Optimize edges – i.e. – multiple perimeters


This is not “championing survivalism” but more like “proactive solutionism,” per the permaculture way. The proposed Village is a call for living and loving in sustainability and preparedness.


* * * * * * * *

Four Zone Food Security System for a Permaculture Village (see plan):


Zone 1 = Domicile
+ Homes (“huts”) are made of adobe which is cooling and fire-resistant


Zone 2 = Community of Four Homes
+ Shared Cooking Space
+ Extended Family Support


Zone 3 = Neighborhood (20-24 domiciles)
+ Basic Village Security Unit
+ Permaculture Gardening Teams
+ Moat system = Aquaculture; Water Source for Crops; Security Perimeter
+ Shared Tools


Zone 4 = Village
+ Food Forest is Food Source and Security Buffer for Village
+ Stream is a Perimeter and Transportation Corridor


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