“Oh, PermaTrans, where art thou?” : Rant by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

Children! Are we passing the buck – and our kids – into crazy crowd funding bashes in the hope for the next best green thing?

A Unified Movement? Where? The Occupy Movement is fried, where are we going?

Getting beyond the listservs, pundits, and U Tubes: how about a new “national newspaper”? Transition Television? Where is permaculture’s mega hit rock band? I can’t hear you!

Spiritual Now?! Forget the religion block from “Permie control” in Australia; without this healing power, we are just farmers.

Capitalism vs. Transition? perpetuating profit lust while disguising our greed as global conscious change is ugly.

Heroes and Business Women? Too many expensive and redundant events, groups and classes; not enough grass-roots labs and initiatives, urgh?

Our Collective Consciousness. How do you define, measure, evaluate and shape this yack?

Where are our debated visions of the future? Big templates for change? Have you heard any feedback from the recent 2013 NorCal Transition – Permaculture Convergence?

Painful. Permaculturists are still using unpaid interns and volunteers to grow their markets!

Politics? How many of the runners for Fall City Council elections are including Permaculture or Transition ideas? I can’t hear you!

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Get More: Permaculture 2012: Four Problems in Need of Integrated Solutions by Willi

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