Permaculture Motel & the Barge 4. Venice Beach, CA. New Myth #41 by Willi Paul,



Down on Ocean Avenue, three blocks from the beach, waves a converted motel, really a Light Network Substation, an experiment sprouted by sun gods from the cool, wet lands of Cascadia. The “Permaculture Motel” as the locals call it, has a three-ring business plan, including: a SOCAL Seed Library and a Tool Lending Coop.

And don’t forget the four Union donated, re-purposed Long Beach barges strategically marooned on the beach….

Nothing like the still smoldering take-over of the LA Metro power grid by the Asian box cutter mob in 2027 (and then multiple sustainability-hungry investors in Santa Monica) to spur some local innovation.

Sand dunes and tequila are the new Motel social media.

* * * * * * *

The electric Media Day tour bus from Culver City movie studios arrives each Friday at 11 am in a cloud of bumble squawk and stolen sun glasses. On the street, donation peddlers, punk rock drones are kicking up their cowboy boots and Telegraph tattoos.

“For a new buck or a burrito, ma’am, she said.”

80’s hair spray colors jump into building murals – cartoon people blending off the walls of Venice and into the streets like chameleons from last year’s Van’s catalog.  The alley way network is both clandestine and celebrated daily: meetings, back stoop BBQ’s – here is the yoga matt highway that cuts 90 degrees throughout the larger arteries of Transitioned Venice Beach.

* * * * * * *

Back to the four beached barges at ocean edge? This is Large; a kind of “moon landing in 2031.” The Barges are:

B – 1 – Food Forest with Compost Factory below (table and crop leftovers) + sea water and dirt from the neighborhoods. Growing the Food Forest on the backs of post-industrial wales

B -2 – Concert Stage / Dance Hall with housing below, the House Band are “The centering ones.” Moan and groan and make up cords from the old cargo hold.

B -3 – Skate Park with Recycle Works below. This is a nice synergy: staffers make repairs as soon as skaters break shit!

B – 4 – New Business Incubator above and classrooms below. The last start-up to emerge from the roost was a solar oven converts and stores electricity for moon shine brownies!

* * * * * * *

Hordes of greenies, trainees, travelers and transitionists are always streaming down from the LA valley cloud for a shot at a bunk and a plate. The Motel and its crew are like a 24/7 movie set buzz; a bee hive hum with a million futures.


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