Help Us Write New Myth #42 @ Myth Lab #3: Song & Painting. Willi Paul,


Introduction to the Myth Lab #3 Online

Neighborhood activists and media savvy collaborators working online with analyze a pre-selected Artifact and contribute New Myth #42. Note that New Myth #39 was generated solely by Willi Paul and serves as an example for this process. The artifact from #39 is a video collage from a coastal beach ecosystem. Please also enjoy New Myth #38 that features a graffiti painting as Artifact.

A process model illustrates the five stages of the process and mythic imprinting in more depth.  The goal is to integrate permaculture, transition and Nature to address the challenges in the Chaos Era. Myth Lab is designed as an interactive, open source and iterative experience. One goal is clear: we need to build our own messages and new myths to support our new food and governance systems.

Key Terms:

Artifact – The Imprintable Artifact is a Nature-Human combination; examples include graffiti, a bill board, historic sculpture, and a permaculture garden, with special powers and messages to the neighborhood.

Mythos – The pattern of basic values and attitudes of a people characteristically transmitted through myths and the arts.

New Mythology – Is a call for new Nature-based, globally integrated stories without allegiance to any classic mythologies. New Mythology incorporates new symbols, new alchemy and climate change era rituals and is built for the future.

The Transition Movement includes new business exchange schemes where waste is used by another business; Transition is garden sharing that allows gardeners to re-use barren lands; the movement encourages people to choose local food and offer support for smart bicycle and mass transit systems.

Mythic Imprinting – Imprinting is defined as a two-way interaction with a selected Artifact that has generates synergistic meaning for both participants and the Artifact. Called “mythic imprinting” in the Myth Lab, this iterative and transmutative process is grounded in the initiation, journey and hero work from Joseph Campbell and is one way that neighborhood artifacts can help neighbors generate new songs, poems and myths.

* * * * * * *

                 The [ Music + Art ] Artifact

* * * * * * *

The Process Model

Myth Lab #3 Process Model

Stages of the Process Model

Step 1: Discover the Artifact

The idea to ask my friends Simon Haiduk and Steve Tibbetts to combine their solo work into one Artifact for Myth Lab #3 is  part “everyday alchemy” and part blessings from my Guide and collaborators. The Artifact (video) has two artistic components:

“Vision.” A Song by Steve Tibbetts

12 Paintings by Simon Haiduk

Step 2: Analyze the Artifact

Steve Tibbetts sonic vision includes wave changes in tempo and strong connections to places that we have visited. See my recent interview with Steve.

Simon’s paintings glow and dance and transmute. Wondrous light play with colors that dance with us. See my interview with Simon.

The Artifact depicts a magical journey through an enchanted forest and is the foundation or primer for the new myth imprinting and build that follows:

Step 3: Mythic Imprintation

As defined in the introduction, the Artifact facilitates the “exchange experience” or imprintation that connects the viewer to the Artifact and vice-versa. Consciousness is expanded; new ideas come into place; mythology is refreshed.

Step 4: Create New Myth #42

Points to consider:

1. What did you like about the Artifact? Describe the visual and sonic messages in the forest journey.

2. Did the Artifact remind you of any story or song from your childhood? How?

3. Did the piece heighten your senses or support a new vision for you? Please describe.

Please send in your ideas for New Myth #42 to:

Step 5: Share the Journey and New Myth with the Community

All feedback with be published and credited unless you request otherwise.

Thank You! 


About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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