Permie Sheet Mulch Mob @ Paradise Golf Course. New Myth #40, Willi Paul,


“Permaculture golf course is an oxymoron. In Scotland, home of golf, much of the course is “in the rough.” Permie fairways would be the multi-purpose savannah / pasture areas.” David Hoffman, Eugene

* * * * * * *

The Paradise Golf Course has been abandoned since the great Valley fire of 2034 smoked the foothills of Chico and her suburbs. When the Light Network first assembled to access the chard course, just the Crow clan flew around and barked a greeting. All they found was black encrusted greens, flame tattooed pump stations and melted barbed wire fences. Interestingly, the 27 ponds were full. The Permaculture Design Workshop this began with algae under their visors.

The web site for the course was formally described like this:

“Paradise Golf Course is located in Northern California right outside of Chico, CA and only minutes away from the town of Paradise. The club showcases 18 outstanding holes of golf which is open to the public, competitively priced memberships, a beautiful wedding and reception venue overlooking the Chico, CA valley floor, full service catering, an all grass driving range, and full service grill for a delicious bite to eat during your round of golf. Come experience the breathtaking views of the Sutter Buttes, the skyline of Chico, as well as the Pacific Coast mountain range during your next visit to Paradise.”

* * * * * * *

The evening break-out sessions and work planning – connected by multiple fire pits on the property – also generate new rhymes, stories and dreams for Cascadia. Factor in the occasional skinny dipping and sneaky side-glancing games, and indeed, the nights in Paradise are downright mythic.

Meet two young “re-composted transitionalists” from Central Cascadia Tribes: YellowLeaf and Rochelle!

“This is a regional and local resource development project for food production and education. “How can the site do both,” Rochelle?

“Easy. Train local folks to grow stable food sources and barter the trade any excess to other Tribes. Clearly, we are building another Way Station for our Light Network travelers and guests.”

“What are your ideas for specific land resource improvements, Rochelle?”

“Three small wind mills could pump water from the existing golf course irrigation system and produce electricity for the local are grid. As to the ‘food forest fairway’ that everyone’s buzzing about, a labor-intensive sheet mulching process is logical. The large trees are ok and will provide some shade and wind break.”

“You mean cutting the damaged fairway grass into 4” thick, 4’ x 2’ counter-sod strips, turning each one over to start the soil building eco-alchemy?”

“Yup. We did this in Golden Gate Park a few years ago. A starter supply of compost for the mulching program is available at the Chico Tribe; and cardboard waits at the former transfer station down by the highway. Some of the buildings can be revitalized as green houses with recycled windows from near-by demo sites.”

“Enough human design science chit chat for one night!”

“Mulch Mob starts again at 7:30 AM.”

* * * * * * *

Not destined to be a small hippie town, Paradise Golf Course is poised to be a new star of public access, a holistic vision of organic food, sustainable power and Ag training where a county club and an 18 hole golf course once existed.

* * * * * * *

Please enjoy all 40 New Myths from Willi Paul.

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