“Tattoo Alchemy” – A fun test in the future for kids 10 – 14 years old by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

“Tattoo Alchemy” –

A fun test in the future for kids 10 – 14 years old

How it Works:

At each tattoo (or symbol) there is a question. Please start an email and keep track of your answers there as you journey through the game. Send me your answers at newmythologist at gmail.com so we can discuss them and your experience together.

Ready? Your first tattoo is coming up…!


Tattoo One: What do these two cooking devices have in common? Can you guess where they are used and with what types of fuels?


Tattoo TwoThis is a food truck. We are seeing more of these mobile restaurants these days, especially down town. Have you eaten at one? What is your favorite food?


Tattoo Three: Please create a short story about this ritual gathering. What do you think the circles in their art mean?


Tattoo Four: Do you recognize this bird? It was once threatened with extinction but is coming back!   What can big birds symbolize for the environmental movement? 


Tattoo Five: Can you name this land measurement tool from permaculture? 

clothes day

Tattoo Six: List as many ways that wind supports your life!

fracking 2

Tattoo Seven: Fracking is a way to extract energy from Mother Earth. Who benefits from this unsafe and destructive technology and how is it impacting our land, water and citizens?

compost pile

Tattoo Eight:  This is a type of compost pile? Where can you use the finished compost?

perm man

Tattoo Nine: This man is often called the inventor of permaculture. What is his name and where does he live?


Tattoo Ten: This is a  indigenous house. Name it and explain how it keeps people inside warm?

All faiths

Tattoo Ten: Name as many of these groups as you can! Are you a spiritual being? How?


Tattoo Eleven: What do you like about your local market? How does this experience compare to your local supermarket chain?


Tattoo Twelve:  Where did learn about this idea? Are you incorporating resilience into your life now?

* * * * * * *

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About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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