sound symbols, archetypes & the power of myth: an alchemic journey with Nature begins, Willi Paul,

sound symbols, archetypes & the power of myth:

an alchemic journey with Nature begins

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If we can get the power of myth from storytellers and the printed page, then why not from soundscapes?

  • how to interpret an integrated set of sound symbols as a myth?
  • sound symbols or textures connected to memories and new feelings, please
  • not like songs – like meditations
  • what is a mythic experience?
  • requires a new language, code, key
  • silence is a sound symbol

* * * * * * *

The Theoretical Offering

Origins of sound archetypes go back to the Paleolithic period when all humans were hunter-gatherers. In this long period humans were closer to nature and their understanding of the “sacred” was very different from the current understanding of the sacred in the western culture. The sacred concepts in the form of ancestor spirits, first hunter spirit or the animal spirits were part of their daily lives and dreams. They communicated with these spirits in their dreams. Their self-consciousness and intellect were not as developed but their minds processed the symbols much better than us. They were myth-makers; they needed myths to survive and to understand the world around them. As part of the myth-making process, they communicated through symbols.

The sound archetypes are similar to sacred symbols and equally powerful.  The sound archetypes were imprinted in ancestor brains by the shamanistic rituals of chanting and dancing. The sound archetypes are to be found at this layer of the brain and in the corresponding layers of the mind which is the collective mind of our species.

The business of Semiotics is to decode and denaturalize the signs. Decoding of the sound archetypes should be done in a Semiotic framework. Certain root sounds carry hidden information of ancient spiritual insights and they have special meanings in the context of Cosmology. These sounds have power over human beings. The influence is very subtle. The effect is small in force but great in power. The prolonged application of the small force results in a powerful effect.

The branch of Linguistics known as Phonosemantics is the study of sound symbols in languages. The intersection of Phonosemantics and Semiotics is a neglected area. The linguistic concept of sound symbolism is connected to sound archetypes. The basic assumption in Linguistics is that the sound-meaning pairs are arbitrary except in the case of sound symbols. Due to their unusual and controversial status the sound symbols have been neglected in Linguistics.

Great teachers imply that it is possible to refer to one aspect of the “reality” by using the other aspect. We can refer to the “idea” by using the “sound” for example. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti is reminding us that the connection is very deep, in the sense that the creation of the “idea” will bring “sound” and “color” into existence. In other words the “vibrational expression” will manifest as “idea”, “sound’” and “color” simultaneously. The very possibility that certain sounds represent universal ideas forms the basis of Phonosemantics. It is important to clarify that sound archetypes constitute a small subset of the sound symbols found in a language. Phonosemantics studies all of them.

              from: Origins of Sound  Archetypes

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The First Two Sound Libraries
























* * * * * * *

I am building something tentatively called “The Mythic Sound Scape Constructor Process:”

1. Select Theme – Hero, Initiation, Journey (combo)

2. Prepare Sounds (recorded, downloaded, spoken) as Symbols, Metaphors, archetypes, into Custom Sound Library

3. Select from Custom Sound Library (mp3) > Effects > Combinations > Raw Scape

4. Work in one or more  Alchemies: Eco, Digital, Community, Earth

5. Text / Spoken Narration: letters, words, poetry

6. Include Imagery text, stills, or video?

7. Note Linear Tracking Time: 0 [ I ] – end [ x ]

8. Screen Capture Audacity final production score (reference)

9. Plug scape elements into movie software, edit, save, upload to WWW.

* * * * * * *

My early experiences in sound archetypes and myth include:

I. water sound symbol myth: building new nature-based myths

II. mythtrack One

III. “seed hearts” – mythtrack 2

IV.”monarch”, mythtrack 3

V. sound – emotion – alchemy – archetype – myth

* * * * * * *


About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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