“OccupyStrategy”, 5 Questions for Eli Zigas”, food systems and urban agriculture program manager, SPUR. “Expanding Urban Agriculture on Public Land”, Interview, Willi Paul, Permaculture Exchange

“OccupyStrategy”? 5 Questions for Eli Zigas, food systems and urban agriculture program manager at SPUR. 

In support of: Panel Discussion – Expanding Urban Agriculture on Public Land. May 16, SF. 

Interview by Willi Paul, Permaculture Exchange.

  – excerpt –
“I think there’s no question that in the urbanized parts of the Bay Area, there is a strong demand for space where people can grow food or learn about growing food. And since those efforts often require more land than what’s available in an individual yard, people are looking to public land for space. And, so long as the urban agriculture project doesn’t result in private gain (without compensating the public by paying a lease or similar fee), I think it makes sense for cities and counties to make more land available for the growing of food by individuals and organizations.” EZ

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