Isaiah’s Temple and the Transitionites. New Myth 20. By Willi Paul,

 Isaiah’s Temple and the Transitionites. New Myth 20. By Willi Paul,

Introduction Chat

“The forces of resistance are stronger than the Light right now.”

“And the emotional and physical fences separating the two camps are fragile.”

“How many horses do we have?”

“Approximately 175.”

“And the pigeon corps?”

“Down to about 55. They seem to get lost often and fall on the plates of the dark friends.”

“We need to send messages to the ecogicians, and the pagan enclave; each may have ideas for re-positioning our vision.”

“Traveling through Cascadia is getting too dangerous.”

“Let’s stroll, shall we? Before the soak – and enjoy all of the good things that are happening at the Temple.”

The Historic Water Temple

The Pulgas Water Temple is a stone monument to water in Woodside, California. Designed by architect William G. Merchant. It was erected by the San Francisco Water Department to commemorate the 1934 completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct and is located at the aqueduct’s terminus. The water temple consists of fluted columns arranged in a circle, upon which a large stone masonry ring with the words: “I give waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people” [from Isaiah 43:20] are inscribed. There is a large, tree-lined reflecting pool to the east. Water once made the journey to the Pulgas Water Temple and flowed over a small C-shaped waterfall within the water temple itself where it continued approximately 800 feet down a canal to the west into Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir.

The Revitalized Site

The new hot pools and food forest is a symbol of unity and a spa for transitionites, and friends in the Light Network. The spa and governance center is for community transmutation work and wisdom sharing for the 8 Tribes. The site has been transformed by solar panel arrays and multiple layers of food forests, semi-wild geese and compost heaps. Permaculture designers integrate land, water, sky and plant life as a harmonious way station. Solo rituals often connect with feasts, and political pow wows.

Care of the People and Earth circulate throughout the site.

Where once the water flowed down hill to feed the crops, cattle and citizens of the Bay Area, it’s now an uphill climb for the Tribes to peace and unity in a time of the ‘great turning.’

Soaking in the Future

The Cascadia Light Network (Monterey, CA to Vancouver, B.C.) and its fledgling post-crash Tribes have eight representatives in the hot pool at the base of the Temple – in healing water up to their shoulders with a crouch.

“Welcome dear friends. What was to be a seed sharing celebration has now become a security strategy session.”

Raids from the dark friends have been more frequent this season. Some of the Tribes are concerned that their passive non-violence approach to all themselves and their neighborhoods. It is a common fear that dark forces could soon occupy the Tribes land and force-out the Light.

“The invaders from Vegas Troop are walking right into the camps up north and stealing food, seeds and fowl like we are Safeway!”

“Same in the Bay Area. Food pantries are wiped-out; they are limited only by what they can carry-off on their backs.”

“We only save the horses because we ride them off. But this leaves only women and children to wrestle with the invaders.”

“How many are in the dark troops currently?”

“20 – 25 in Stockton. About the same in Redding. Vegas, East Salem and Renton troop numbers are likely closer to 50 each.

“200 souls.”

“200 students.”

“One map?”

“Let’s hear ideas after dinner.”

Ideas for Peace or War?

• Send a representative to go talk to them, assess needs and attitudes; build trust
• Invite troops for a first supper / meeting at a Tribe camp and share food
• Fortify the 8 tribal lands with tighter security in place at each perimeter
• Establish an intermediate camp between the troops and the Tribes for security and education
• Consolidate the Tribes in one place in Cascadia and install security
• Relocate the Tribes to a new bio region
• Prepare for war with dark troops

Brothers and sisters, return to your Tribes and return in 30 days with feedback. Until then, fasten trip wire from vines and install a security perimeter as best as you can. I am headed to talk to the Vegans with first light.

[ Think Journey, Initiation and Hero. What course of action would you take? ]


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