“The Kid with his finger in God’s Bellybutton.” Interview / Book Review: “Positive Creations” – The Visionary Art of Chris Dyer (Schiffer Books) by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com

 “The Kid with his finger in God’s Bellybutton.” Interview / Book Review: “Positive Creations” – The Visionary Art of Chris Dyer (Schiffer Books) by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com

First: Ride with Chris’ new video documentary and catch the buzz!

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My global friend Chris Dyer is fuel for the Transition. His skateboards are meta-tools for local travel, spattered in rainbows, union spirits for the new mythological . Chris is a kindred soul that we have featured twice at the Planetshifter.com Magazine, … go see: Chris Dyer: Bombs of Light Interview and God’s Biggest Dream – The Prophecy of the 8th Fire and Interview with Chris Dyer.

His new journey book: Positive Creations – The Visionary Art of Chris Dyer – and promo videos – are best “under the arm, free on a skateboard; banned from the coffee table!

Here is my new interview with Chris:

What do you feel now, looking back at your early graffiti & collages? What connects your past work with the new stuff?

Well, my work varies a lot in styles, subject n medium, but it does have a general vibe, which is the expression of my soul essence. In my past work, even though it is technically crude, I can still see that personal vibes, so I thought it was important to show that I haven’t really changed that much inside since I was a kid. Also, by showing my earlier work I can tell my story of personal evolution better. Show darker times and that it took lots of work to become better at what I do. I think that is important.

I say you are an alchemist. Transmutating materials and spirit into new messages. Your reaction?

I had a chemistry set when I was a kid, and I always dreamt of being a mad scientist, like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. As I flunked my science classes in high school I realized it wasn’t for me. So being called an Alchemist by you sounds good to me. Hopefully at the end of the book I will find my treasure under an old abandoned church. Or maybe I already did?

You are also a Celebrationist — of things free, loving and green. What needs to be heightened in your present journey?

Sure. Sounds good to me. I’m just stoked on stuff and want to capture it. That’s how I had collected footage and pictures to use for my recent documentary and book. I like freedom, I guess everybody does, even if they don’t live it. Love feels good, why not, eh? Green is a nice color. My favorite is yellow, which is right next to it in the spectrum. As for highlights…. hmmm, I don’t know. Whatever I’m doing at the present time I guess. So in this case, responding this interview to you!!

Do we need new heroes, symbols and myths to reach a new level of human? Are you helping this reach with your visions?

I don’t know if we “need” anything extra. There is tons of everything already, we just gotta dig. I keep on finding new heroes everyday! The role-models already exist, we just have to plug them into the mainstream so they get the exposure that will then influence the masses, and yes, hopefully inspire more people to strive to be better humans. That’s why I don’t feel so guilty about trying to get my shit better known. If I become a famous artist it not only helps me pay my rent, but might also pump up a bunch of people to follow their own passions and work on their inner struggles. I am very honest about my issues and when my audience sees that they can relate and feel better and know we are in this fun yet painful evolution together. We pull ourselves up.

What are you teaching us?

Hmm. I am teaching you to teach yourself! I am not perfect but through life experience and art expressions I hope to become closer to a God in human shell. If I can do it others might believe it is possible for them too and their inner work begins. But I try not to go out there telling people what to do specifically because we are all different and need different paths to reach our enlightenments. That’s actually what makes this game of existence so fun! Enjoy!

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Chris Dyer – Bio

“Chris Dyer is a soul with high intentions for humanity and his self. He is a man on a quest for elevated consciousnesses through natural life experiences and introspections. A medium of the Great Spirit, who opens his vessel and tries to let go of the temporary complications of his ego-mind. A student of life and true soul skater, despite all the falls.

He grew up in Lima, Peru till the age of 17 where he engaged in such activities as surfing, banana-board skateboarding, and violent soccer fanatics (with his ex-street gang, Sepulcro). He then moved to Canada to do Art College and tranquilized his vibration thanks to experiences like tree planting. He’s now based in Montreal, where he continues his journey to self-realize.

Chris’ main objective is to do his part in raising humanity’s consciousness. According to all spiritual paths and even modern science, we are Godly beings that create our own reality. Delivering positive images to the masses, via skateboard graphics, street murals, paintings, and so much more, is a powerful seed that can manifest a happier reality for us all.

Chris is responsible for a great part of the graphics for Creation Skateboards (from California) as well as work for many other skate brands including Satori Movement, Think, Skull Skates, Equilibrium (Peru), Freak(Belgium), Drop Dead (Brazil), Irewood (Norway), Love (Toronto), Bustin (New York), etc. He also runs his own sustainable clothing line called Positive Creations, based in Montreal.

As for his fine arts career, he has had solid solo and group exhibitions in lands like Peru, Mexico, Belgium, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Paris, Berlin, New York, and across Canada. His art has also been featured in several books and magazines worldwide.

Other than these trips to expose his art, Chris has also done some extensive journeys through over 24 different countries all around the globe. All these experiences add to the cultural richness and oneness message of Chris’ visions from beyond. In the end all is the same thing in the “body of the Absolute.”

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Connections –

Chris Dyer
Positive Creations
el.flyer at gmail.com

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