Permaculture Exchange Organization Plan (v. 12/11). Willi Paul, Founder








Permaculture Exchange Organization Plan (v. 12/11). Willi Paul, Founder

Vision –

• Create a new local-regional jobs and innovation community, propelled by sustainable practices and permaculture values

Mission –

• Educate and grow our new jobs and innovation community network through RFPs, member searches, presentations and workshops .

Goals –

• PEx has a minimum 200 members to create employment and green tech innovations
• Add more sponsors to increase the employment opportunities
• Get a first “big-win” project and showcase it in January

Potential 2012 Strategies –

• Join a green tech incubator
• Present and sign-up new members via groups and communities
• Focus on core services: job network & incubation of ideas
• Provide presentations and trainings to increase members
• Reach out to more employers and sign them up as members
• Simplify and promote permaculture practices and values
• Partner with larger players to promote PEx
• Get a corporate sponsor – get a celebrity sponsor
• Devise and implement a PEx marketing plan for 2012
• Obtain Presidio MBA program support

Tentative Roles –

• Spokesperson
• Web writer /social media expert
• Trainer
• Marketing / PR

Sign-up at Permaculture Exchange
Contact Willi: willipaul1 at


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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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