Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision by Willi Paul,


 Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision by Willi Paul,

By most definitions at online sources, mythology is a technology. I call this hybrid phenomenon MythoTechnics as there are several important implications in tools and access now. Mythology as a technology? Where are the gadgets? The calibrations? The downloads?! Mythology has always placed a critical role in the evolution of human beings. Through MythoTechnics, the wisdom of the stories, symbols and lessons of both ancient and modern myths can now must refreshed, accelerated, and permeated globally as a shifting and sacred force, a key global alchemic unifier or motherboard for the Transition of man with Nature now underway.

Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. Consider the following definitions – please substitute mythology for technology:

  • Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities, both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value.
  • The word “technology” can also be used to refer to a collection of techniques.
  • Technology refers to the state of the respective field’s knowledge and tools.
  • Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture.
  • Technologies significantly affect human as well as other animal species’ ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.
  • Additionally, “Useful Arts” (also called technics) are concerned with the skills and methods of practical subjects such as manufacture and craftsmanship.


Main Reference

Initiation, journey, hero, iPad

The MythTech or MythoTechnic Vision is based on the following longstanding cultural knowledge, tools and methods in mythology starting with Joseph Campbell’s three mythic cornerstones: initiation, journey and the hero. From my work as a MythoTechnicologist, the following elements form a modern tool kit for mythic story writing:

  • Universal impact & relevance
  • Inclusive of all cultures
  • Language is not a barrier
  • Include most ages
  • Nature-centered and powered
  • Sacred element(s)
  • Modern symbols are now key
  • Alchemy-driven
  • Formats include Songs, Poetics, Art, & Stories


Transmit/ Experience/ Actionize / Save

Today new myths originate in humans – and their environment – and then are designed, written, transmuted and shared as eBooks, Web sites, Live Storytellers & community presentations. Per the illustration, please review the Evolution Spiral of Recent Human Technologies:

  • Animals / Nature – Local power (i.e. horse power & waterfall)
  • Petroleum – exploitation (Capitalism)
  • Internet – Synchronous global connections
  • Green / Sustainability – tools for environmental impact measurement
  • Permaculture – Nature-based Tools (new Design Values)
  • MythoTechnics – New Journeys, Initiations & Heroes with the new Sacred & Alchemy)


MythoTechnics ushers in a new mythic collective realm, a new set of cosmic possibilities for change. We are closer to the long hidden truths and milliseconds from joining voices. Join me at The Study of Myth to discuss?

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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