Finding Common Cause – North West Permaculture Convergence 2011. Join us Oct 14-16, Portland and St. Helens, Oregon

 Finding Common Cause – North West Permaculture Convergence 2011. Join us Oct 14-16, Portland and St. Helens, Oregon

North West Permaculture Convergence 2011

This year’s Convergence theme is “Finding Common Cause”. By that we mean, expanding both our thinking and our networks to include a broader range of allies and partners to work with for making those deep changes.

See Early Day Description Program

Our primary motivation for organizing this event is the recognition that our coming together is more timely than ever. Trends in economics, resources, environment, global relations, culture all combine for a compelling message – there is urgent reason to re-define our material, economic and social needs and how we take care of them.

Permaculture is a breath of fresh air. This holistic approach to system design is creative, dynamic and inherently friendly to people and the planet. Permaculture offers itself as a powerful tool and asset for helping us make the deep changes today’s trends call for.

Permaculture and Finding Common Cause – this year’s event will engage all ages and interests ranging from urban to rural, hands on, from education to timely social, spiritual and economic innovations – local to bio regional. Please join us!

Enjoy my recent interview with Convergence 2011 Presenter Andrew Millison, Corvallis: “Permaculture Design Course on the Internet? You can’t do that!!

See you there?

Willi’s calling to finding common cause is to explore new symbols, poems, lyrics and songs to support a new mythic base for the Permaculture Age. The presentation will brainstorm and draft new works together, perhaps to share with the Convergence! Magazine

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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