Yield. Potential Hurdles to the Permaculture Movement by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine

Yield. Potential Hurdles to the Permaculture Movement by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine.

“I love the energy behind these questions. I’d love to understand the questions better in order to be able to discuss as you request here. What I would love to see would be an application of permaculture principles and design methods even in how we frame our questions and how we anticipate possible answers and, maybe most importantly, practice TAPO – Thoughtful and Protracted Observation. I am confident that answers to the questions posed here might be self evident by applying permaculture principles. Amongst the greatest barriers I have seen to a global movement of people progressing towards a world that is wonderful for all life is the way in which we communicate with ourselves and each other. “

– Kevin Bayuk, My Co-Instructor, Summer 2011 Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course, UPI, SF

* * * * * * *

Potential Hurdles to the Permaculture Movement

* How do the 12 principles and 3 ethics in permaculture empower or diverge from traditional value sets like the Oath and Law in Boy Scouting?

* What has happened to the scared land ethic from our indigenous ancestors, heralded but seemingly forgotten by Australian pioneers in permaculturists?

* What is permaculture drawing from Hopi or other Native American lore?

* Lack of political strategy to play the government game and change it at all levels?

* Teachers and students. Are a few schools and PC stars representing everyone equally?

* What are the Guilds doing to create community and change the system(s)?

* Lack of land:
– No coordinated marketing mechanism to bring in land owners and sell them on a permaculture solution

* Is there a lack of main stream permaculture education in public schools? If so, how to change this?

* Location – not everyone can get a certification in their town or region. What is the Strategy?

* Lack of a clear path to a PC profit system:
– “Get entrepreneurial” enough?
– Lack of PC Jobs

* Irrational and short-sighted avoidance or sabotage of a sacred or spiritual element?
– “PC without the sacred is wholefoods!” WP

* PC is Labor Intensive –
– Source of labor?
– Living wage strategies
– Safety, liability concerns for workers

* “Slow and Steady” – vs. “Kick it into gear”? Are we are losing time and Nature?

* Bio-engineering or Designing with Nature? What is permaculture REALLY doing?
– Permaculture without Nature is just another name for agriculture

* Survival, fear of social collapse factor? This is real? Is there a strategy required for participants and onlookers alike?

* Role for African and Latino Americans
– Not successful in localization if some are not part of the vision

* What is the 5 – 10 year plan? What is the 25 and 100 vision?
– Who is going to create this?

* Is permaculture a crisis relief strategy? How would it work in Somalia?

* Is permaculture capable of predicting or forecasting the future? Do permaculturists work with future scenarios or are they more focused in the present?

* Do permaculturists want a capital-based future?

* If we know what grows well on any particular site, why continue to allow a “trial and error” option?

* Scattered unconnected global PC projects slowing down transition? What is the strategy to unify the permies?

* Who is against permaculture?

* Who is the competition?


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