New Myth #12 – Owl Dance Energy and Permaculture Training Station, San Francisco – 2034. By Willi Paul. Powered by

New Myth #12 – Owl Dance Energy and Permaculture Training Station, San Francisco – 2034. By Willi Paul. Powered by

A Permaculture Ethic (1/3) –

1. CARE OF THE EARTH: Make sure that all life systems to continue and multiply.

Permaculture works with Nature, rather than in competition with her. It uses methods that have minimal negative impact on the Earth. In everyday life, this may involve buying local produce, eating foods in season, and cycling rather than driving. We need better choices and better land management. We must oppose the destruction of wild habitats, and the poisoning of soil, water and atmosphere, and design healthy ecosystems.

* * * * * * *

“Sectorman is sweating out with the blueberries in the Rub.”

Dawn comes early when grey water is leaking again and the Guild is hosting the Tribl Chair from Hopland Council. Some see that dawn, a metaphor coming around, is a 24/7 phenom. The Aquarius Age or the Permaculture Age or the post-compost paper in the compost toilet next to the Community House age. Waste is a broad and gear-turning storyline at the Owl Dance Energy and Permaculture Training Station(“Owl Dance”).

Dawn. Waste. Dance. Work. Get your feet wet.

“Thanks bud.”

“Any extra juice in the array today?”

“You can have 25 minutes on the net this morning.”

The solar & biodigester fueled live-work complex is based in part of the former Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. A core staff runs a permaculture course for 12 over 12 days non-stop. Days off are in the earth pit, a form of sweat lodge, to mediate and smooth-out muscles for the next round of gardening and entrepreneuring that starts-up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning.

Golden Gate Park is now one Mother Garden with windmills for ear rings and cob seats for permie butts.


“Ya man, over here!”

“What is the agenda for the Guild meet-up?”

“Dream work – we are gathering elements for the Earth Book.”

“Nice. Don’t forget to put the beans on simmer for me, they are in the iron can stove top.”

“Enjoy the beach. See you later.”

The Earth Book is a sacred sharing process and collection that Tribes pass amongst themselves to grow symbols, songs, poems and stories for new myths. Not digital, the book is passed in a quasi-formal ceremony with an oral “call-out” or reading by each participant and artifacts collected.

The Earth Book is the end and start of a living rainbow. Yin-yang, like the snake in the permaculture symbol. Part-pagan recipe tomb, definitely charged with post-carbon tales.

“Is this your first inclusion with the book?”

“Yes – I have a cool feathers and poem to offer up today!”

“Can’t wait to fell that.”

The fogs drips down the water collection pipe providing coffee perks on the community cob stove. There are many forms of yields at the Owl Dance, spiritual to herbs to digital smiles on the machines.

The patterns spring from an integrated, sustainable love.

* * * * * * *

More Mythic Rain for Us

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