The cowboy, the sacred and the land? Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Author, Healer Alanna Moore,









The cowboy, the sacred and the land? Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Author, Healer Alanna Moore,

Enjoy the spirit and visions from our conversation by clicking here!

“London is a great, seething pool of chaos!” Ms. Moore

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  • Is there a new mythos based in permaculture?
  • Where are the new symbols, songs, prayers, myths from sacred permaculture?
  • Why are Australians so against incorporating sacred Nature in their design practice?
  • Where did the Aboriginals obtain their eco-spiritual approach to Earth care?
  • Who are the “sacred stewards of the ripening crops” today?
  • Do you see the next 20 years as a crash or a transition or something else?
  • Is permaculture possible without land?!
  • How to connect and scale up isolated project sites?
  • “All that’s required is a good plan.” p. 31 Where is the plan for the Planet?
  • Do we create sacred places or do we just locate them? How are they created?
  • How can we address war-torn or natural disaster sites with sensitive permaculture?
  • How to marry the spiritual or mystic and the reductionist path of science? Doesn’t sound like permaculture is doing this currently?
  • What happened to the Gaia Principle in permaculture?
  • Is the Planet Zone 1 or Zone 5?
  • Is Permaculture going back to simpler times or moving ahead to a brand new consciousness? How to sell it?
  • How to create a low stress lifestyle in these days of high pressure and a daily rat race for survival?
  • Can we meditate our environmental, economic and spiritual troubles away?
  • Do you support profit-taking in Permaculture?
  • Is Permaculture a male-dominated activity?
  • Can we all dream the same dream now? What is the Earth dreaming about?
  • Sacred agriculture rites? Are these still going today?
  • How does dowsing work? How can we use this tool to “re-learn to think with our hearts?” p. 26
  • How do you critique Permaculture Research Institute of Australia’s web site? ?
  • Where did the divas come from originally?
  • EXLAIN: “… clairvoyant … observations of energetic connections between sacred sites.” p. 41
    How can we practice the ageless rite of “the offering” today? p. 133. Examples?



Alanna Moore has 26 years experience of dowsing and geomancy. She was a founder of the New South Wales Dowsing Society in 1984 and has taught ‘probably thousands’ of people how to dowse. She practises geomancy professionally and lives in central Victoria. Alanna is the author of seven books and a correspondence course (Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony) and she publishes three issues of ‘Geomantica’ magazine each year. She is also an environmental journalist and has been a writer for publications such as Australasian Poultry, Permaculture International Journal, Green Connections, Earth Garden, Acres USA and Permaculture UK; She specialises in sensitive permaculture design. Alanna has studied acupuncture, naturopathy and spiritual healing modalities, as well as permaculture, organic farming, bush tucker and bush regeneration, and now specializes in working with Earth spirit.


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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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