Transmuting the Episcopalian – The Willi Paul Interviews: 2011 – 2009 (and counting down).

Transmuting the Episcopalian – The Willi Paul Interviews: 2011 – 2009 (and counting down).

– “I pride myself on getting out of the box, even though I’m sort of in a [skype] box today:-). I am trying to work collaboratively across the planet… I am very aware of my creative process and involving other voices. I’ve written 8 myths… and am interested in different archetypes and alchemies.

– Based on Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, I am writing new myths, and am actively looking for feedback. I am purposely writing guidelines to the future. We have to get prepared for a new world. The transition we’re in now can be either successful or fail. We need new stories, we need to take risks, to consider where we’re going, and we need new tools, and new songs and symbols, to spur us on, to stir our imagination.

– One of my new myths is called The Permaculture King. In The Permaculture King, there is an old man who has a shack in the corner of the schoolyard… He teaches kids about gardening, composting, reuse and recycling. He is a modern day OZ – an OZ without a curtain.

– I would assume Joseph Campbell would be both applauding and shrinking to read the stuff I write. I want people to see themselves [in these stories]. I want them to take lessons away about science, about the transition, to learn new tools. I do want people to see universal, archetypal values. I am not shy about talking about the sacred and the spiritual. I am trying to hit these things at multiple levels.

– What I know about permaculture and permaculturists is that they are highly sensitive to natural resources, their use, designing to the lay of the land, improving the economic and cultural structures, using localization. They are people who want to be self-sufficient without being survivalists. These are small-ego folks, generous with their experiences, who want to teach people and get them on board.”

Source: Interview with PermaMythologist Willi Paul by Sue Lebeck

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Permaculture without the Sacred is WholeFoods. Interview with PermaMythologist Willi Paul by Sue Lebeck, Initiatives Director, Innovating Smart

Interview with Permaculturist Willi Paul by Ross Lawrence Wolfe. Including: “Man and Nature, Part IV: A Radical Critique of the “Green” Environmental Movement” by Mr. Wolfe. Sponsored by the

Interview with EcoAlchemist Willi Paul: Permaculture, New Myths and the Search for Sacred. Arts In The Valley, KY0S 1480 AM, Merced, CA. Kim McMillon, Host. 3/19.

New Alchemy, New Myths with Willi Paul. Permaculture Podcast Episode 15. Hosted by Ryan Unmack.

A Depth Psychological Exchange on Alchemy, Mythology, and Permaculture: A Candid Conversation with Bonnie Bright and Author/Researcher Willi Paul, Founder of & Magazine on radio

Willi Paul discusses permaculture, alchemy & the new mythologies on the Agroinnovations Podcast, Episode #121: State Banks, Opensource Mythology, and Viralized Transgenics (2/11)

PlanetShifter’s Willi Paul Synergizes Sustainability and Mythology, Interview by SWAiL in ZOUCH Magazine & Miscellany. Co-Presented by Magazine &

Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Documentary & Presenter Interviews with Willi Paul & Catherine Walker. Co-Presented by Magazine &

Mythic Mandate: Transmuting New Alchemies for the Mythic Generator. Interview with Willi Paul by clarOscura. Co-Presented by Magazine &

An Interview from the Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution: Willi Paul & David B. Metcalfe. By Patrick Brinkerhoff,

Willi Paul & the New Mythologists. Interview by’s Interview with Willi Paul, Magazine by Bart Anderson

Willi Paul Interview with American Planning Association – International Division by Beth Offenbacker

Alchemy and Mythology in the Sustainability Age – An interview with Willi Paul. By Jeffrey Tong – San Francisco Examiner – Green Culture

The Unedited Eco-Hero Interview with Willi Paul, Magazine – by David Metcalfe, The Eyeless Owl

“Sustaining Business Inside Out” – Interview with Willi Paul of Magazine – by

Interview with Willi Paul, Sustainability Consultant – Networks, by Patrick Brinkerhoff

Into the Light – The Thorn Bush Interview with Willi Paul from (12-18-09)

8 Answers 4 eris — love, Willi Paul

The Rotator: Interview #1 with Willi Paul – by Eckhart Beatty, 02/27/09


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