Permaculture Corps for Planet Earth – A Model for Our Transition by Willi Paul



 Permaculture Corps for Planet Earth – A Model for Our Transition by Willi Paul.

We have plenty of hungry people and tons of labor on the planet. How do we access and improve scared cattle lands and clear-cuts without title?

Enter the Permaculture Corps for Planet Earth: as the graphic depicts, we can include families, youth groups such as 4-H, Boy and Girl Scouts, countless environmental and neighborhood groups and school Nature and sustainability programs in the labor mix. We have a burgeoning supply of certified Permaculture Designers looking for more experience and the land owners struggling to bring back damaged lands to a desire yield. We need many more educational sites for permaculture!

Perhaps the brightness star in this scheme is the glue in the middle of the exchange: bartering and community credit replaces the US Treasury notes that will someday be worthless.


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