New Myth # 11: Great Mother Redwood’s Prayer Seeds. By Willi Paul, love from





New Myth # 11: Great Mother Redwood’s Prayer Seeds. By Willi Paul, love from

“Ancient peoples the world over have long recognized the nature beings of the spiritual dimensions of landscape. Denied recognition in most mainstream religions, today the devic presences are being reaffirmed as a new generation of sensitive people, including dowsers, confirm their existence.” p. 42

“Getting together to celebrate the bounty of the land is no doubt a primeval yearning for sharing that lies deep within us. Neolithic standing stones were often present.” p. 129

Source: Sensitive Permaculture by Alanna Moore.

* * * * * * *

Over there, in the stream, Great Mother Redwood stands 321 feet tall, guarding the crows, squirrels and butterflies with equal love and care deep in the British Columbia forest.

Her roots twirl and dance around a huge single rock at her base that once served the native people as a swim sunny spot, harvest seed separator and ritual round.

It has many small impressions sprinkled around the top that locals used to grind corn and display their seeds during trading.

With each season, Moon Man fills or depletes the water in the stream, exposing or hiding Mother’s secret chair.

Karn loves to be in Nature. She feels blessed here, a part of the trees integrated roots, and a deep warmth inside when she sits by the Redwood in the early morning or after school.

One morning last week, she was visited by a small rainbow and green fairie spirit who told her about the special place she calls sacred.

“Many star bursts ago, when the fish knew no dams and the deer were free to roam, the rock was not in the stream because there was not stream in this place.

You feel the Nature vibe here because it is an Eco-Alchemizer for all life, human and animal. A heart beacon or community table for the collective spirits before and after the fracturing by Man.

When recent human beings came to cut down the tall trees for boats and houses, they upset the surrounding watershed and pushed a balanced water flow into place so that in dry times the rock appears and in wet months the water table hides it under the big tree.

The green fairie spirit continues her hummingbird-like whisperment:

There are sacred seeds under some of the small rocks and shallow holes in the big rock. Take them and find another special place to plant them. Make sure they are along an edge where you have both partial sun and rich soils.

Find a home for Great Mother Redwood’s children!”

The big tree sway and cooed high above her and the crow people swooned.

* * * * * * *

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