Sacred in Permaculture classroom + field trip experience by Instructor Willi Paul. Sept 6, 20th, Oct 4th and 18th. A PLACE for Sustainable Living, Oakland

Sacred in Permaculture classroom + field trip experience by Instructor Willi Paul. Sept 6, 20th, Oct 4th and 18th. A PLACE for Sustainable Living, Oakland

Join Instructor Willi Paul, Publisher and EcoAlchemist, in a four-class series entitled Sacred in Permaculture:
at A PLACE for Sustainable Living, Oakland

Sacred in Permaculture

Nature can no longer be viewed as corporate commodity or a garbage dump or just another nuclear power site. Many see Mother Nature as a Being with a consciousness or soul. This is the thesis or creative foundation for the course: Sacred Permaculture. Another intention is to enjoin key mystical or spiritual scaffolds with the land sciences – with permaculture design as a new world catalyst. The course will be facilitated partially online at

The four-part series is $70. Class space is limited, please reserve your spot by emailing and put Attn: Sacred in Permaculture in the subject title. You may also ensure a spot by paying before the class starts. Please drop off checks to the PLACE at: 1121 64th St, Oakland Ca, 94608

Course Syllabus:

* Session 1 – 9/6
Permaculture Principles and Ethics
Intro to Sacred in Nature & Permaculture

Group Discussion 1 – Experiences & Visions

Assignments 1


* Session 2 – 9/20
Garden Round at Lake Merritt Community Garden

Watch: MYTHIC MANDATE WEBINAR- Green Alchemy & The Permaculture Revolution – Workshop #1

Group Discussion 2 – Nature, Permaculture and the Sacred

Assignment 2

  • Post 1- 3 images or a poem from Garden Experience

Watch: Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition


* Session 3 – 10/4
– Exploring foundations for sacred permaculture – symbols, lyrics and meditations
Watch: Permaculture Symbols 2 by Willi Paul, openmythsource com

Group Creative 1 – White Board

Assignment 3

  • Outline Essay / Project


* Session 4 – 10/18
Resources and Next Steps
Student Essay / Project due

Group Discussion 3 – Essay / Project

Assignment 4

  • Course Evaluation


* * * * * * *

About the Instructor:

A green certified business and sustainability consultant, Willi Paul launched Magazine on Earth Day 2009 to build a database of interviews and articles about innovation, creativity and green. His bliss renewed in 2011 when he designed to study new myth and alchemy. His work now focuses on the what is sacred to us, the community building power of permaculture and the transformative energy in the new alchemy (ex: soil, sound, digital) and global mythologies. His online course will be offered as a classroom experience at PLACE in Oakland starting in September.

Willi will earn his permaculture design certification in August at the Urban Permaculture Institute, SF (

Work Samples:

3 free eBooks of early sustainability, myth alchemy works by Willi Paul & David Metcalfe

Milestone article published at the Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythblog

Bee Myth video published with UK film maker Celestial Elf

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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