The Gods Are Alive and Well. Element Series. by Sean Abreu –

The Gods are Alive and Well

by Sean Abreu – www.the twelve

The gods are alive and well in the modern era. None are more active and vital today than the mythological deity, Mercury—the famous archetype of intellect and communication.

The energy of Mercury moves with the speed of light, connecting the conscious plane to the unconscious, and it bridges the vast distances separating the four corners of the earth. The information age is the lair and the realm of Mercury, symbolized by the characteristics of the element of air.

Among the four elements air is associated with the mind, with the intellect; and it best symbolizes the essence of communication. Mercury rules the air sign of Gemini; the field of the zodiac that represents the bridging of the gap between polarity, and for the hyper-mental examination of duality. The mythological Mercury raced back and forth relaying information between the gods of Olympus and the mortals below, between humankind and mother earth, and between all points of opposition. Air is the element that casts a hue across the information age. Air is the element of the Age of Aquarius.

Radio waves, light waves, and electro-magnetic waves permeate our atmosphere. Across bandwidths beyond our detection these forces carry and transmit information, nutrients, and life-giving energy; they are the active voices generated naturally by celestial objects, speaking a multiplicity of languages and codes in a cacophony of chaotic universal order.

Mercury, in his role of relaying information, dominates our era. The fleet deity influences our lives more than any one of the ancient of gods today. Information and communication networks span the sweeping distances and obstacles of the globe. Cables are buried and stretched across the earth, fiber optics hurl stores of information to millions of people at warp speeds, and data launched into space can be beamed and distributed in nanoseconds to billions of beings; regardless of ethnicity, gender, or despotic tyranny.

In astrological parlance, Mercury is a balance of yin and yang, neutral in gender, and the unconscious force that drives our conscious manifestation of intelligence, language, communications, and reason. The planet speeds around the sun, completing its orbit in a mere 88 days. When Mercury goes into retrograde—a phase where the planet appears to move backwards against the backdrop of the belt of the zodiac—technology is known to falter, and it is often unadvised to enter contracts or partnerships during this phase, all due to the breakdown and obfuscation of communications associated with the archetype of Mercury. The planet is not the cause of the events. Our conscious mind produces the reality, spurred by the tumult boiling far below in the unconscious realm.

Mythological figures and the metaphors they represent never die. They are timeless, existing completely outside the conscious domain, thus beyond the limits of beginning and ending. Some may grow anachronistic for an era; like the god Jupiter (known for abundance and overflowing wealth). While others enjoy centuries of hyper activity, such as Mars (war) and Mercury (communication) do today.

The surging stream of information technology defines our current age. Currents of information shaped and contour our world more than any other force. Our lives hinge on the flow of data via email, texts, instant messaging, cell phones, satellite communications, digital cable networks, video conferencing, radio, and the magical domain of search engines: all of which are the playground of Mercury and manifest the characteristics of the elemental energy of air.

On the eve of the Mayan apocalypse of 2012, Mercury is a central archetype and a key planet involved. The linear alignment of the planets occurring next year—beginning with Mercury—is feared to have a gravitational effect on the sun’s solar flares. The resulting tsunami of solar waves assailing the earth’s atmosphere may threaten to bring down or disrupt our digital communications networks, satellites, and radio communications. We could, in the worst-case scenario, suffer a near-blackout of satellite communication and navigation systems.

The planets emit frequencies and waves into space, projected into an elaborate cosmic network of sound and electromagnetic energy. The planets communicate with each other, and they interact with humanity. Their broadcasts ride waves of frequencies and bandwidths through the infinite, absorbed and reflected in our bodies and minds that also transmit frequencies and sounds. The atmosphere is a literal information super highway.

Our mind and individual organs each emit different frequencies, in concert with the planets. The mind, the heart, and even the bladder behave like an antennae, receptive and attuned to pick up specific frequencies and waves of light that are tuned to, or harmonic to the individual. This vibrant and symphonic transmission of sound occurs at low and ultra-low frequencies known as ELFs and ULFs. Light and sound travel these  ranges, traversing space and time, and interacting and influencing our minds and bodies on a physiological and metaphysical level.

The mind and body receive the planetary energies broadcast on ELF and ULF levels, influencing our unconscious fields, having effect on our organs, and interacting with our personal growth and evolution, both physically and metaphysically. Our physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are interdependent with each other and with the cosmos.

For example, the kidney is known to emit a signal of 319.88 Hz, or roughly the note of E-flat. Simultaneously the frequency emitted by Saturn at the planet’s diameter is a harmonic 320 Hz7.

 Musical keys have been assigned to a variety of astronomical, physiological, and philosophical systems. For instance, each of the Hindi chakras are assigned a musical key, beginning with the key of C at the Muladhara, and ascending up the body, eventually arriving at the crown chakra, or the Sahasrara.

Confucius designated musical keys to invoke the proper social and national sentiments.

The key of E, for instance, symbolized the people; and the key of G best evinced the affairs of the nation into hearts and minds. By performing the proper music in the corresponding key to the ritual, the vibrations of the music were intended to inspire a universal emotion in the hearts and minds of the citizens.

Each sign of the zodiac corresponds with an individual musical scale. Libra, for example, is assigned the key of D-major—a scale known to have salubrious qualities with the kidneys, skin, and the lumbar region. Capricorn, the sign most known for structure and law, is assigned the key of G-major: synchronistic with Confucius’ use of the same key to instill national pride and order.

Sound healers employ the frequencies of the planets, organs, and the charkas to treat and heal specific illnesses. If a blockage in the solar plexus area is present, a practitioner may apply the resonances of the tone of E: which the element of calcium is also known to emit. Muscles emit the frequency of 330Hz, which is also approximately the note of E.

The tools of the art of sound healing, the tuning forks, are tuned to a single, and specific planetary frequency. However, it is argued that no planet emits one single wave. There are four classifications for the ranges of frequency and tones a celestial sphere broadcasts. They are broken down into two categories: time and space.

The time category involves the frequency of the planet’s orbit around the sun and the frequency of the rotation of the planet. The frequency of the Earth’s orbit is 194.99 Hz, while the rotational frequency is 272.23 Hz.

The spatial parameters deal with the circumference and the diameter of the planet. Jupiter’s circumference frequency is 339.97 Hz, and the giant planet’s diameter frequency is 267.14 Hz.

The relationships and similarities in frequencies emitted between ostensibly opposite planets can explain their harmonic or dissonant dynamics in astrological terms. Neptune and Venus are related archetypes in astrology, representing the higher resonation of love and compassion and the lower resonation of love and harmony, respectively. Neptune’s compassion is transpersonal, while Venus’ love is personal. The rotational frequencies of the two planets corroborate this theory. Neptune resonates the audio frequency of 290.41 Hz, and Venus emits a lower frequency of 204.56 Hz.

A common practice in justifying the metaphysical cosmos is to employ scientific data. A similar approach can be used to support mythology, and at the same time, reinvent the ancient archetypes and the mythological symbols, such as Mercury, the god of communication. The modern deity is without form, without the winged shoes and helmet, and no longer is relegated to Mount Olympus. The contemporary counterpart adopts the form of light, riding the tides of ultraviolet light, traversing microwaves, bouncing off satellites, and finding his way into LED screens in the palms of humanity. Mercury dominates our conscious field, proliferates information, and increases the capacity for communication beyond the imagined horizons of humanity.

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