Water Element By Michael Lamb, www.michaelsalchemy.com

Water Element By Michael Lamb


 The Water Element represents coolness, coldness, and abundant life.  It is the deep emotions and maternal part of creation.  It is the key to magnetism and magnetic attraction.  It represents fluidness, harmony and all liquid states, joy, compassion, devotion and happiness.

 Water Meditation

 To energetically meditate on the Water Element it is important to get comfortable, either sitting in the asana posture, ie. as one normally sits in a chair or standing in a well balanced manner.  To assist your imagination, close your eyes.

 We imagine the Water Element completely filling our own world.  A good way to do this is to image you are immersed in the Water Element, ie, the ocean, a lake or river or any body of water.

 Imagine all your bodies as an empty vessel and as you breathe the Water Element into your whole being, do no more than eight breaths to begin with, but later you may increase it to twenty or thirty breaths.

 As you are breathing in the Water Element see and feel it flow into all your bodies, permeating your skin and pores of your physical body, increasing the flow into your whole being.  Feel your bodies filling up with water, like a water-fall overflowing through your bodies until you are completely immersed in a sea of water.

 Hold this feeling and you will feel a real coldness with this Element.

We release the excess of Water Element from our whole being and transform it into another similar energy, such as joy, happiness or psychic awareness.  Of course it is important to make sure to expel all excess by using the same number of breaths as we did to bring the energy in.

 Meditation & practice with the Water Element

 By practicing the Water Element it increases our compassion for all living things and gives forth a balance for our maternal feminine side, from whence we came – the womb of life, the waters of life; the life giving fluids of abundance within creation.

A student who practices this Element will gain knowledge and control over this Element to such an extent that they will begin to understand weather patterns in nature, such as winds, tides, rain, storms and tempests.  They will begin to awaken their natural fluid harmony and become a more harmonious being with nature, society, family, relationships and work positions.  Feelings become very, very aware.

The Water Element in its higher resonations has a strong relationship with our Soul, our emotional body.  The Water Element is the key to understanding emotions and the emotional body, that which is a large part of our Soul.   The emotional body is integrated into the astral body.  The astral body is the supreme seat of our spirit and our spirit can only express itself on the material plane through the Soul, mind and physical body.

One of the most beautiful aspects of your Divine Being and your journey in this lifetime is to learn about your Soul through feeling.  By working with the elements conscientiously we develop a deep understanding of our higher selves.

Through our astral bodies we have a deep and profound connection to our loved ones, like a mother’s intuition, knowing through subconscious feeling exactly what’s happening to her child, even though they could be hundreds of miles apart. The Astral fluid or waters of life, are so finite they are connected to all life. This brings forth the development of our intuition and psychic senses.

The difference between mental thought and a soul impression is the emotional potency of the experience.  Thoughts happen by the thousands, what happened last Tuesday in your life might not mean anything now, but the birth of a child or the loss of a dear loved one will leave a potent emotional impression on your Soul.   There are many, many examples of this.

When we work with our Soul – our water body, we begin to understand subtle cycles, such as tides, movement of birds in nature, and an awareness of the moon and lunar cycles.

The water relates to the moon, like the fire relates to the sun.

 Positive and Negative Water Element Emotions

 The three Zodiac signs related to the Water Element are:

 Cancer the Crab,

Scorpio, the Scorpion

Pisces, the two fishes

This is a general list of emotions only, and by no means are they restricted or limited to these zodiac signs.The energies of the Water Element relate to the melancholic part of our being, the essence of our Soul, that being the emotional, astral body and subconscious.  Like our physical body, there are many types and frequencies of different fluids, so to this is reflected in our astral body and soul and becomes prevalent when we enter our dream states.  The Soul is made up of many subtle astral fluids that have a relationship with the astral levels.

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