Video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Topic: Geomancy. Guest: Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia







Video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Topic: Geomancy. Guest: Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia. Presented by

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Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia

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“On the plan of your home or business space, we determine the focal points of the following aspects: grounding, creativity, partnership, yin and yang, solar plexus, the heart centre, the point of communication and anything else relevant to your space. We then establish the flow of each aspect and the potential of each source. Where a source is weakened or blocked, we initiate change during the second phase.”

Geomancy – Sabine

+ Feng Shui
+ Awakening heart qualities is very high on the agenda in human evolution. Within us we have the ability to create a version of heaven on earth.
+ Dragon dreaming / Places
+ Inputs and outputs in Lithopuncture?
+ What are the reasons that we are no longer connected to the earth?
+ What is Sacred to you?
+ What is Flow?
+ Do you use alchemy in transformation exercises?
+ Authentic energies of the Earth?
+ Is there sacred patterns, symbols and energy in permaculture?
+ Geomancy vs. permaculture?
+ What is grounding?

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G e o m a n c y

So ancient and so contemporary …

Geomancy is an ancient knowledge about nature and the skill to cooperate with the invisible dimensions of space, a holistic approach to Earth, nature and landscape. This is the knowledge that had nearly disappeared from the consciousness of European tradition and culture, and has now re-emerged in the form of holistic art in collaboration with nature…

Last traces of geomancy are found in Middle Ages, when it informed decisions where and how to set up a city, a church or other buildings. During the Antiques and Middle Ages, experts in managing this knowledge existed, which is evident by the impressive sacral buildings of that age: pyramids, temples and cathedrals…

This is how things stood then: The balance in nature was of primary importance, and the Earth was considered to be a living Being. These ancestors lived connected with her, in harmony with her nature and her essence. They were acquainted with the Earth, they knew how to read her winds, the moon …… She, Gea,, was perceived and respected.

As we are witnessing nature’s disturbed equilibrium at this time, the art of Geomancy is emerging as a possible way forward. The knowledge which enables us to restore balance, step by step, in our space, our home, office, building site, the forest, mountains or our park, by connecting with the authentic energies of the Earth. Thus, spaces are nourished by the vital energies of life. Once connected, they can support the life of a person and their grounding.

It is good to know that more people respect nature…

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