The Potrero Hill Pollinators. Journal Entry #2. Summer Class 2011, Urban Permaculture Institute, SF. By Willi Paul


The Potrero Hill Pollinators. Journal Entry #2. Summer Class 2011, Urban Permaculture Institute, SF. By Willi Paul. Presented by

“All things, even the wind, the waves and the earth on its axis, moving around the Sun, form patterns. In pattern application, permaculture designers are encouraged to develop:

1. Awareness of the patterns that exist in nature (and how these function)

2. Application of pattern on sites in order to satisfy specific design needs.”

* * * * * * *

In my Summer 2011 Urban Permaculture Institute course, our teachers David Cody and Kevin Bayuk are helping us build a new awareness of the land through an integrated tool kit of concepts and supporting meditations.

Patterns include Concentric, Radial, Spirals, Wave, Crenulations, and Turbulence

Sectors are energy transmutations across the site: can you “block, channel, or sink” it?

Zones (0 – 5) are based on frequency of use, One is close or most frequently visited; Zone 0 is for personal growth, value development and spiritual matters

The identification and integration of the Elements Needs and Yields

There are many simple ways to get a base map but coupled with assessment is a critical first step in project design

* * * * * * *

Concerns & Questions #2

Man can adopt or mimic a pattern from Nature but what is the function of the pattern in Nature?

Permaculture “plants and listens and observes – which could take many years. Trial and error is valued. How does this ethic juxtapose with the short-term “pay and build” in traditional land engineering? What value clashes are coming down the road?

“Permies” are often required to bring in licensed professionals to pull a permit or approve a design. So is permaculture more of a “soft science” that mostly contributes planting strategies and community visions? Is this sustainable?

Do we have time to wait for permaculture? How to speed the Light?

How does this look: Permaculture > Nature Patterns > Symbols > New Alchemy + Archetypes > New Songs and Myths for the Permaculture Age?

Are permaculturists often just survivalists? How should we look at this fear-based movement?

Will the official avoidance of the Sacred as a design element be a fatal flaw for the next generation of permaculture projects and practitioners?


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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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