New Myth 10: Fears Council, Tribe 543. It’s 2019 in the Permaculture Age. By Willi Paul















New Myth 10: Fears Council, Tribe 543. It’s 2019 in the Permaculture Age. By Willi Paul. Presented by

Sampling from Mollison’s vision for permaculture:

  • “Positivistic, integrated and global outreach…”
  • “Everybody is free to act as an individual, to form a small group…”
  • ‘Individually-driven at base, but envisioned to work collaboratively, communally…’
  • “… a sustainable earth care system.”
  • “… a million villages to replace the nation-states is the only safe future for the preservation of the biosphere.”
  • “Interdependence and personal responsibility be our aims.”

(Design Manual by Bill Morrison, p. ix)

* * * * * * *

The Fears Council is a rag-tag remnant of a south central Oregon electronic listserv created before the power companies collective suicide in 2018, evaporated by their own greed and decayed profited brains – torched by the global money bash. No more email. Dead hard drives. Just the occasional group quiver and red hot human crow howls.

The electronic perimeter fence is toast, too. On the upside, with the government gone, the pot crop is the permaculture champ by far, getting the Tribe and friends high 24/7 and providing a barter crop for the commerce land fairs.

Wood is a way valuable commodity now, baby. Someone brought a few sticks and teepeed up a small flame for the pow wow.

The attendees at tonight’s Fears Council:

is a carpenter from Bend that was voted into the Tribe with high hopes. They got that right.

Billy Sam Sam is a guess. Some say he crawled under the wire, got shocked and emerged a compost salesman. He lives under the old RV with…

Artic – another lost tradesman, a fisherman by trade and the grey water mechanic at 543.

DShell holds the only permaculture certification in the Tribe and rides shot gun from her yurt up by the latrine.

“Thanks the wood. A fire is soooo slow,” injected DogRay, the last to crouch on a butt stained boat cushion.

Who’s gotta fear to jump?“ says Artic

Chunc says: “Tribe 677 has some killer peaches to barter but what the fuck are we gonna offer them in return?”

DShell: “Maybe we can build cob blaster there and get some food credits? Play the short and the long!”

“I am down with increasing the grave yard patrol team,” shuffles Billy Sam Sam.


“Some new road kill in the transition.” 342 has seen ‘em milling around the northern edge. They look grey and hungry.”

OK, I’ll do that,” DogRay.

“So should we keep the Nature Preserve now with so little wood around for fuel ?” Artic.

Well, that’s the big question, tonight, eh? We risk war with 677 & 342 if we take resources from there.” DShell.

To much to digest on empty stomach. The Fears Council hangs up.

* * * * * * *

Maybe Mollison knew this post-transition human / nature dive & design was possible but no one wanted to write about it then.

Nothing sacred, nothing loved…

there is no future generation.

* * * * * * *

Want New Permaculture? Seek Peace.


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