Myth 9: Translation Observatory #128 & the Permaculture Age, by Willi Paul







Myth 9: Translation Observatory #128 & the Permaculture Age, by Willi Paul. Presented by

“It seems to me that you’re tapping into the idea that the planet itself is telling us its own story, and we are all, of course, part of that mythic narrative. You seem to be issuing something like a call to adventure to rally young people (especially) to the cause. Thanks again, and my best wishes to you and your important project.”

Keiron Le Grice email to Willi

* * * * * * *

Tesla and LittleWing first met at Translation Observatory #128 (TO #128) many months ago when their Tribe employed horses and winches to rip-out the old underground gasoline storage tank at the corner of Maple and 12th. That tank is now reborn as the biodigester at the main compound down the block. TO #128 is one of over two thousand revitalized gas stations in a new global localization system.

TO #128, like most neighborhood edu-centers in 2077, is a mash-up of solar roof panels, a tool lending library and a space out front for the weekly farmers market. The metal awning that once stood guard over the pumps was re-tooled for the wind mill blades. Nothing goes to the dump.

There is no dump.

* * * * * * *

Tonight LittleWing finds Tesla at the back corner bench in the station house, sipping tea and pulling up his socks.

“Hey Man!”

“Hi Wing Nut!”

“Who is speaking tonight?” She called-out.


While the free de-programming class series is often dull as the edge of an old CD, Competition Anonymous nite is never without a little yeast.

Then Narr tore into the vision of a non-competitive world, hoping to end the rich and poor thing, mega-waste capitalism et al. and the blighted remains of the traditional religions.

The churches buildings were transferred to the local Tribe 25 years ago when they lost their flock. Most structures are now medical clinics and green tech incubators for the permaculture age.

* * * * * * *

Translation Observatories are the construction engine for the localization vision. The car stalls are now horse stalls and the compost mills for the local gardens. Horses give rides to the kids and deliver food boxes and tools daily.

Permaculture keeps the lights on.

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* * * * * * *

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