Crafting a holistic vision for permaculture. Essay by Belinda van der Pool, Netherlands

Crafting a holistic vision for permaculture. Essay by Belinda van der Pool, Netherlands. Presented by

Permaculture has come into existence by observing; observing how Mother Nature multiplies herself abundantly; it has given us insight in lots of processes. It is all about creating the best circumstances under which life can flourish. Why suddenly people get upset when I point out that a cycle of 26.000 years is ending? And that such an ending always brings a lot of turbulence?

To me it gives an understanding of what is happening now in the world. The natural disasters; the restlessness in the world; tribes fighting for their freedom; the economical crisis and so on. This understanding helps me to give it a place and accept that whatever is happening is part of a natural cycle. If I like it or not I have to go through it like we all have. We are all in the same boat here.

The challenge is: to go with that flow or battle against it. I wonder if Japan is going to make a transition now after the immense tragedy that has happened there. Are they going to build up a new life according permaculture principles now?! Here in Europe they still want to build new reactors. So what do we learn?

Knowing a cycle is ending gives me also hope for a new future; in which we can live by Mother Nature’s principles which I dream of all my life. Like the principle of diversity ; which also means respecting each other’s points of view without getting judgmental (like the judgmental mail I have received from Ferdinand privately).

Permaculture is a way of thinking and acting from a cycle (holistic) point of view. So 26.000 years is just another cycle. It is a cycle in a cycle. The question is do we understand it?! Do we understand why we are here for? Do we have an idea of what we come from and in which direction we are going to?!

Some people work in a very practical way with permaculture. That is fine. Mother Nature also applied her love for diversity in people; so there are people that are Dreamers; Planners; Doers and Celebrators. This is a beautiful and practical mix. If we can respect each other’s different qualities I am hopeful we can create a future in which we take care for the Earth; each other and every life form has enough to live abundantly. This is what permaculture design mirrors to me: if you apply everything in a natural order it will multiply itself abundantly and effortlessly. Without realizing we are part of that natural order and effect it with our mindset; emotions and actions I am afraid we will make the same mistakes over and over again and the creation of Heaven on Earth will be on hold….

Author Bio
I work as a teacher and permaculture designer at Eatable Balcony with women of all social and cultural backgrounds. We guide them to create an eatable balcony based on permaculture principles. It is a program of seven lectures. At one of those lectures we are going to the home of the participants and create with them an eatable balcony! After following this project they can be trained to become a project leader themselves and teach other women to do so, too.

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