Permaculture Ritualizer: A Kid’s Tool for Writing New Stories, symbols, Songs & Myths. Video. By Willi Paul,


Permaculture Ritualizer: A Kid’s Tool for Writing New Stories, Symbols, Songs & Myths. Video. By Willi Paul,

Watch the Ritualizer Video by Clicking Hear!

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Earth Life Cycles are impacted, destroyed and disrespected now – use the matrix to create new combinations.

8 Life Cycles** in 4 quadrants, built on a locomotive turntable image. A new permaculture tool and template to help spark the child’s mind as they build the future.

Musical Notes are the center of ritualizer.

This is a Meta-Cycle Investigator and virtual educational machine for New Songs, Stories, Symbols, Myths and Permaculture Rituals. A Transmutation Game?

Community Alchemy at heart.


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**The 8 Life Cycles:

Human Life Cycle
A1. Birth
A2. Youth
A3. Maturity
A4. Death

Water Cycle
B1. Evaporation
B2. Condensation
B3. Precipitation
B4. Collection

Seasons Cycle
C1. Winter
C2. Spring
C3. Summer
C4. Fall

Plant Life Cycle
D1. Dormant
D2. Germination
D3. Growth
D4. Harvest

Compost Cycle
E1. Raw Materials
E2. Compaction
E3. Soil Enrichment
E4. Planting

Breathe Cycle
F1. Inhale
F2. Expansion
F3. Contraction
F4. Exhale

Lunar Cycle
G1. Full Moon
G2. Waxing Moon
G3. Waning Moon
G4. New Moon

Butterfly Life Cycle
H1. Egg
H2. Larvae (caterpillar)
H3. Pupa (crystallis)
H4. Adult

Life Stages of Hawaiian Volcanoes
V1. – Submarine
V2. – Emergent
V3. – Shield Building
V4. – Giant Landslide
V5. – Capping
V6. – Erosional
V7. – Renewed Volcanism
V8. – Atoll

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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