Permaculture is Germination is Transmutation. For the 2011 Bay Area Permaculture Convergence. Essay by Willi Paul





Permaculture is Germination is Transmutation. For the 2011 Bay Area Permaculture Convergence. Essay by Willi Paul,


I have been avoiding your bright eyes lately in favor of skype voices. Bear in mind that I am making this up. A journey with a no map and no deep garden. A digitally alchemized soul fueled by a hibernation – fear – joy cycle.


I am transmutated.


My interviews have revealed many valuable insights including that permaculture is a feminine agora that seems to pit the sacred vs. the macho. But the land or garden is the new Maypole and that we need to start designing new rituals alongside land use functions.


I am witness to the intervention vs. transition struggle boiling up now across the planet. Do we have the guts to take the reins from the old world men? Is there time and wisdom to make permaculture a vibrant alternative to eco-killing, self-centered capitalism? The political system needs permaculturists now, to fight for new global values and a sustainable peace.


Luxury is the opposite of sacred.


Jeremy Johnson (, told me that “The crisis is sacred.” A brilliant and ominous warning that requires a sense of highest urgency now.


Do you think that global warming is solely a natural phenomenon, friends?


My vision is to marry Mollison’s Design with Nature regime with a personal and proactive practice of the sacred. Without this union, permaculture is likely doomed to a fringe alt-agri code. We can intervene and repair the earth’s natural systems but this starts with our souls.


This is my invitation to our Garden and the first dance of the permaculture age.




Willi Paul: Publisher, EcoAlchemist, Magazine
willipaul1 at
@planetshifter @openmythsource



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