Golden Satellites: conversations with Willi Paul Guest: Michael Lamb, – Nobby’s Beach, Australia


Golden Satellites: conversations with Willi Paul Guest: Michael Lamb, – Nobby’s Beach, Australia. Sponsored by

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Michael Lamb
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“In this new millennium, the building of Alchemy and Sorcery formulas will be a very important part of people seeking to strengthen and understand their spiritual and cultural pathway.”


(+) Quickening
(+) 3 eclipses summer
(+) Ancient ecosystems
(+) Pentagram + hexagram – 3 dimensional shapes
(+) Tribes
(+) School of inner knowledge
(+) Universal healing

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Sacred Places

The term Earth mysteries describes an interest in a wide range of spiritual, quasi-religious and pseudo-scientific ideas focusing on cultural and religious beliefs about the Earth, generally with regard to particular geographical locations of historical significance.

The study of ley lines originates in the 1920s with Alfred Watkins. The term “Earth mysteries” for this field of interest was coined about 1970 in The Ley Hunter journal.[4] and the associated concepts have been embraced and reinvented by movements such as the New Age Movement and modern paganism during the 1970s to 1980s.

Believers in Earth mysteries generally consider certain locations to be “sacred”, or that certain spiritual “energies” may be active at those locations. The term “alternative archaeology” has also been used to describe the study of Earth mystery beliefs. Some New Age believers engage in travel to locations they consider important according to their beliefs; for example, Stonehenge is a popular destination among New Age seekers.


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