Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Christian Shearer, The Panya Project, Thailand

Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Christian Shearer, The Panya Project, Thailand. Sponsored by

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Christian Shearer
The Panya Project
christianshearer1 at


+ Northern Thailand
+ Lazy man’s way to farm
+ Transition Crash – future?
+ The Sacred? Role of mystic?
+ Localization
+ Politics? Larger edu-arena
+ Gov’t view of view of permaculture?
+ GMO?
+ You are an ecologist? How has your idea of stewardship changed over the years?
+ What is sacred to you?
+ Is permaculture a revolution in the USA? Is it a fringe thing?
+ What songs, poems, symbols and/or places come to mind when you think about post WW II green mythology?

Panya’s Project Concept:

To experiment with and model an integrally sustainable way of living in the wet/dry tropics. This project aims for sustainability not only in the physical environment, but also in the social environment, our physical bodies and the spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms. The Panya People tend to have a lot of fun at well!

Permaculture is the system that will primarily inform how the project moves forward in the physical plane.

The 10-acre (four hectare) site is situated in the low hills of northern Thailand, between the conventional rice/soy/corn farms of the local village and a beautiful expanse of second growth national forest. It features demonstrations of humanure composting toilet systems, earthen buildings and a medium scale water harvesting system, including a large dam at the top of the land and about 500 metres of swales. The project is also host to production gardens and a diverse food forest, with over 40 varieties of fruit trees, established in 2007-2011.

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