Video Conversations with Willi Paul: Permaculture & Transitions. Guest: Andrew Millison Oregon State University, Agriculture Dept.

 Video Conversations with Willi Paul: Permaculture & Transitions. Guest: Andrew Millison Oregon State University, Agriculture Dept. 6-2-11. Sponsored by

Catch the “Big Mountain Permie Rap Song
on YouTube with Guest Andrew Millison!

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Andrew Millison Contact Info:
skype = andrew.millison1


+ Key Principles
+ How these have Changed?
+ Gardening vs. Ecology vs. Sustainability vs. Permaculture?
+ Community building
+ Music, symbols
+ Elitism?
+ How do you make money?
+ Old boys club?
+ Sacred to you?
+ Revolution? Movement? Lifestyle?
+ Corp. Ag into Permie?
+ Politics

Andrew’s Bio

Permaculture is the medicine we need. I have been studying, designing, building, and teaching about Permaculture systems since 1996. I lived 14 years in Arizona where I took my PDC from the Sonoran Permaculture Guild, and was immersed in drylands strategies during that time, until I moved up to Cool Temperate Corvallis, Oregon in 2008. After 2.5 years here I’m beginning to rehydrate, and actually grow a little moss behind my ears;)

I am currently an instructor in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University, teaching the Permaculture Design Certificate Course. I’ve taught through other organizations including Prescott College, the Ecosa Institute, and the Cascadia Permaculture Institute, and instruct Advanced Permaculture Courses in Teaching with Jude Hobbs, and teach with elder Permaculture teachers Toby Hemenway and Michael Pilarski.

I spent years running a design and build Permaculture landscape company, Millison Ecological Inc., where I built some large scale and high profile projects including rockstar Maynard Keenan’s Merkin Vineyard: (, ), initiated the well-known Ecohood project: ( ), worked with ecological wastewater pioneer Dr. John Todd: ( ), and worked with Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan on heirloom fruit tree preservation to earn a Master’s degree: ( ). I also worked as a draftsman and designer in an ecological Landscape Architecture office: ( ) and completed designs at the commercial, municipal, and residential scales.

I currently teach and do freelance Permaculture design. My recent designs range from 5-25 acres and documentation of my portfolio of hands-on projects, design work, and published articles can be viewed at my website:

My most recent new projects are:

*Putting together a conference and PDC for the Oregon Housing and Community Services, which is the State agency that builds low-income housing (we’re expecting 200 attendees).

*Putting together an online Permaculture course for the Horticulture dpt at OSU (with some great guest presenters).

*Designing and planting a multifunctional hedgerow on a 150 acre organic farm as a “Hedge Fund” investment. This is a prototype for “Future Generations Investment” where I am planning for my early retirement by investing in my IRA (Interrelated Regenerative Assets).

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