Sacred Calling Permaculture! First Two Student Responses from the course survey. Sponsored by

Sacred Calling Permaculture! First Two Student Responses from the course survey. Sponsored by

All are holy in the essence of their naked being. – BH

What is NOT sacred to you? Why?

BH: There is nothing NOT sacred. All is of the divine. Where we get into trouble is in our surface level ego-intelligence that is blind to its sacredness and unity with the Godhead.

MH: Life and Love are the parents and the children of all that exists in the universe. We are all sacred, no exceptions…even the bastards and the mutants.

Is Nature (i.e. – the Planet and Mother Earth) sacred to you?

BH: Yes, Nature as Creature is a manifestation as Nature as Essence….Nature as Essence is the Self.

MH: Mother Earth is our source, our womb, our home, and our destination. Yes, She is sacred.


What do you think sacred means to your family and the community?

BH: Honored, natural, whole, an integral part of the whole.

MH: Beloved, precious, worthy, awe-inspiring. While I wish this meaning was honored by the entire human community, I am not that naive. Too many billions are spiritually dyslexic and have replaced ‘sacred’ with ‘scared’ and ‘scarce.’ We have a gentle obligation to educate them.


Have you found sacred ideas from Books? Music? Art work? Poetry? Religious texts? Please share:

BH: Yes, various writings including the Rig Veda, the Tao Te Ching, the Bible, writings about the Native American and other aborigines. Music: late 60’s early 70’s. The Beatles “Let it Be” speaks volumes to me as does Hey Jude. Then there is Shiller’s “Ode To Joy” put to music by Beethoven.

MH: All mystics of all cultures and traditions express sacred ideas in their own idiom. The arts, nature, ritual, and work all sing forth the sacred when I have eyes to see and ears to hear.


What forces are acting against your sacred beliefs and practice?

BH: My own thoughts and the surroundings of my work and the political climate of the day.

MH: Five centuries of the patriarchal, hierarchical, scarcity culture, culminating in the industrial revolution. Sometimes my own blindness, deafness, and indoctrination.


Is sacred the same as holy? Is sacred defined by a specific religious group? If so, which one?

BH: Sacred is everything and everything is holy. If one goes into the depths of anything at all, even a grain of sand, the Whole is there. I also believe that there is a reason why hole, whole and holy are one word. When we empty ourselves, strip ourselves naked, then these words unite as one. No one group defines holy. All are holy in the essence of their naked being.

MH: I interpret us all as sacred, all as holy. Both words have been co-opted and distorted by specific religious groups. We simply need to reclaim them and plant them in our own gardens where they can bloom, set seed, and propagate.

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