Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: LuLu Kelly, Knightsen, CA.

Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: LuLu Kelly, Knightsen, CA. 5-19-11.

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Head to the Central California Valley for a Conversation with a Gardener and New Friend!


Topics for Lulu –

Dept of Agriculture’s view of permaculture?


How has your idea of stewardship changed over the years? Are you an ecologist?

What is sacred to you?

Name three of your heroes? What is common to all of them?

Is permaculture a revolution in the USA? Is it a fringe thing?

What songs, poems, symbols and/or places come to mind when you think about post WW II green mythology?

How do you understand formal religion dogma vs. things spiritual? Are you pagan in any sense?

I have built new alchemies for the transition:

Imaginative: This alchemy excites and creates our ideas, conflicts and even prayers in our brains.

Eco: Seeds, soil, plants and animals living, birthing and dying in a inter-related system pulsed by eco alchemy.

Shamanic: This is alchemy transmutates healing through ceremonies and rituals lead by a trained spiritual leader.

Sound or Sonic: The ancient alchemic power of song from cave rants to classical music and rock’n’roll.

Digital: Electronic learning and feeling working with computers including chat text, email and documents.

Community: People working with people: transforming attitudes, sharing ideas and making plans.

Earth: Planetary consciousness building and human evolution on a universal scale.

Are you an “EcoAlchemist?”

What does your local community look like in 2051 to you?

From my office in Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco, CA, it is clear that Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the many other networking tools are here to stay. How are you marketing your books and courses? Do you find balance between the “computerized and the naturalized?”

From LinkedIn

I must say I worked in the green industry and with Agriculture business for almost 25 years. I feel until people we get back to the earth and it natural balance and the sacred parts of soil life and understanding it we are doom to miss manage it. I have taught what I call natural gardening (before permaculture was hip speaking of hipsters) for 15 years in my nursery giving up pesticide before it was popular. Planting things that were native, and non native to the harsh central valley environment.

About five years ago I met Fred Palladino who was a young productions Agriculture grower and we decided that Agriculture is about creating bonding with the nature you live in. With his direction I can grow things I never thought possible.

One of the field workers that I have known for more than 15 years had no technical education but she was the best propagator I have ever met. Her spiritual side (some would think this is whoo-whoo) is how she determined how to run our green houses. I had to trust her style for her to enjoy her work and be productive. In a corporate situation she would have failed. In our situation she succeed.

We can learn from all sides of this coin. I think that life can have both, schedules for those that need them and patterns for others. Gardening is a science but it also is the best nurturer we have. It gives back to us all days long.

I think you have a amazing group of people here and we can draw from all those who can be opened mined about it.

— LuLu Kelly

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