Sacred in Permaculture: A Global Certificate Course. Article from

Sacred in Permaculture: A Global Certificate Course. Article from

Just4theplanet ambassador Willi Paul is a California based campaigner for planet earth. He is founder and writer of Magazine – the mouth piece for the new age of sustainability. He is also the co author of 3 books about a new mythology for the coming times.

Now he, along with fellow environmental campaigner and academic Melissa Miles are asking some rather deep and important questions and offer a fascinating course and certification:

  • What is NOT sacred to you? Why?
  • What do you think ‘sacred’ means to your family and the community?
  • Have you found sacred ideas from Books? Music? Art work? Poetry? Religious texts?
  • What forces are acting against your sacred beliefs & practice?
  • Is sacred the same as holy? Is sacred defined by a specific religious group? If so, which one?

Welcome to Sacred in Permaculture

One of the Big Questions here –

Is there a need for the community to explore & re-charge our practice of the sacred? A Global Certificate Course

This site & course experience looks at what sacred is to you and how it works with your vision, family and communities. This is a non-judgmental, non-religious space for self-reflection, community building and ongoing education. We want to be more Nature-based, global and sharing, yes? To listen to all voices, experiences and designs.

Another Big Question?

Why is there push-back on talking about – or incorporating spiritual choices – in permaculture projects & communities?
There are many voices, fears and joys to hear in this great movement of people with the land. Let’s explore this.

Goals for the Global Certificate Course

1. Study, observe and articulate one’s individual relationship to the sacred in permaculture;

2. Investigate and map how this individual awareness of the sacred can facilitate a more holistic permaculture practice at the family and community levels.

Please join us and share your ideas of the sacred. Some of the pages are viewable only after you Register and become a Member. Please visit Course Requirements & About Us for details on the course plus facilitator bios & contact info. The site and educational experience is yours to help craft and share with the community, especially in the Groups & one-on-one conferences via Skype.

Course Requirements & About

Course Requirements

1. Register (free) then Join as a Student Member 45.00 student fee with PayPal

2. Take the sacred in permaculture questionnaire

3. Attend one one-on-one conference via Skype

Possible themes: localization, sustainability, alchemy, myth, permaculture values, concerns of spirituality, crash/transition?

4. Contribute at least one topic and discussion support in the Groups

5. Submit one essay (850 words +) on lessons learned and ideas for local permaculture community

Graduates can return for more conferences, teach and contribute writings + project updates

Selected student essays and responses to the survey will be shared as a community resource

The SPN certificate logo can be displayed on graduate’s web sites

Facilitator Bios & Contact Info

Melissa Miles, Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild, is an Environmental Biologist/Conservation Planner, Permaculture Designer/Teacher and a regenerative design consultant. Melissa serves as the Organizer of the Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild, is the Director of The Permanent Futures Institute at Two Miles Micro-Farm: a peri-urban, micro-farm, and sustainability training center, located in Montgomery County, PA. Melissa’s experience includes:

A.Sc. Animal Science, BSc. Environmental Biology, PADCNR Forest Stewardship Plan Writer, USEPA Certificate in Watershed Management Certificate- International Trade – Bay Area World Trade Center, Graduate work in Biogeochemistry, MSc. Green Building and Ecological Design (expected – Fall 2011), Permaculture Design Certificate – April Sampson-Kelly, Permaculture Visions International, Radical Urban Sustainability Training – Scott Kellog, Radix Center,Attended numerous Permaculture Courses & Workshops in both the US and Latin America

Willi Paul Bio –

As a sustainability consultant, Willi launched on Earth Day 2009 to build a database of interviews and articles about innovation, creativity and green. His bliss was renewed in 2011 when he launched to study the new myth and alchemy. With, he now focuses on what is sacred to us, the community building power of permaculture and the transformative energy in the new alchemy (i.e. – soil, sound, digital and others) and global mythologies. Mr. Paul has written seven new myths. Please check-out his article at the Joseph Campbell Foundation web site entitled: “Mother, Sun and the Compost Pile.”

c/o Willi
pscompub at


About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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