Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: Denise Rushing

Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: Denise Rushing. Sponsored by

Enjoy our SkypeJourney from NorCal.

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Topics for Denise

Mythology in Permaculture
Permaculture Design Certificate course
Transition Crash – future?
The Sacred? Role of mystic?
Localization vs. The Man (and his banker and lawyers)
Abundance vs. materialism & consumption
Youth and the electronic world play vs. soil experience

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Topics from a Book by Denise Rushing:
Tending the Soul’s Garden
Permaculture as a Way Forward in Difficult Times

Thomas Berry calls “the Great Work of our time”: societal and cultural transformation.

overwhelming work with a sense of balance, hope and purpose

wisdom of classical faith traditions

The permaculture framework includes the following aspects:

Our traditions can help us see creation as sacred, and to pay attention to the call of mystery in our lives.

The Charter for Compassion

Our youth want and need both a positive way forward and an understanding of their part in making it happen. The practice of permaculture offers this and more. Perhaps Earth and the ways of the natural world will help us find our way.

+ Ethical Intention: what is important, or right relationship;
+ Roots: regular practices that balance being and doing;
+ Principles: How to engage,

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Bio Denise Rushing –

Denise is an organic grower and permaculture designer in Lake County, California. An engineering graduate of Stanford University, she studied environmental science and later earned her Master’s Degree in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names College. Her business career as an energy-efficiency technology executive spans two decades. She was elected to public office on a platform of stewardship of the land, water and resources. Today, she “gardens” on her farm, in her community and in local government. Her personal mission is to empower the positive transformation of people and places.

Connections –

Denise Rushing
Denise at

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There are other In-Nature Folks at Open Myth Source – Reservoir FaceBook


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