Sacred Soil under Maine Skies. Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Lisa M Fernandes,

Show Notes

Sacred Soil under Maine Skies. Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Lisa M Fernandes,, 5-11-11. Sponsored by

Enjoy the Journey and the Conversation with Lisa & Willi!

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Show Notes

Lisa M Fernandes
Resilient Homes |
Portland Maine Permaculture |
Eat Local Foods Coalition |
Phone: 207-370-7697
Lisa.m.fernandes = skype

Topics for Lisa:

Mythology in Permaculture – songs, poems, videos, art spaces?

Transition Crash – future?

The Sacred? Role of mystic?

Localization vs. The Man (and his banker and lawyers)

Abundance vs. materialism & consumption

Youth and the electronic world play vs. soil experience

We’re trying to mimic the way nature creates fertility

Politics? Larger edu-arena

Permaculture, Resilience-Building, Re-Skilling, Re-Localization

Lisa Fernandes is the organizer and founding member of Portland Maine Permaculture,
Director of The Resilience Hub

and has been a student of permaculture and green design since 1992. She is a certified permaculture designer, team trainer and group facilitator and has owned a training & consulting business for several years. She studied political science at Boston College and then environmental studies at The Evergreen State College while designing & implementing municipal waste reduction & recycling programs. Lisa is a gardener, certified Master Composter and has studied medicinal plants for nearly twenty years. She has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors and currently brings her varied experience to developing & delivering sustainability and resilience-building programming and permaculture designs for the local community. She attended Transition Towns Training in the UK.

She currently serves on the Cape Farm Alliance and provides staff support to the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine (ELFC) and sits on the Southern Maine Partnership for Sustainable Communities. She is a proud member of the Portland Food Coop (Member-Owner #11) and the Slow Food Portland Convivium. Lisa serves on the board of the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE), helped launch The Pattern Factory design studio at Newforest Institute and is the principle permaculture designer and blogger at Resilient Homes, a solar hot water and permaculture design company. Lisa is a 2011 recipient of the EcoMaine EcoExcellence Award for her work.

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