Video Conversations on Permaculture with Willi Paul. Guest – Chris Byrne, Transition Ventures

Video Conversations on Permaculture with Willi Paul. Guest – Chris Byrne, Transition Ventures. Sponsored by 4-29-11.

Watch the Conversation Now.

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Show Notes:

Chris Byrne, Transition Ventures
Byrnegreen at

Fort Bragg Food Waste to Soil Feasibility Study and Pilot Project

Synchronicity in meeting up?
Alchemy in aquaponics?
Political, sacred aspects in permaculture?
Portmanteau with localization, permaculture and community building?
Transition / crash /post-crash / ? 10 years out….
Can a sustainability, bottom-up system compete with the current capitalism?
Seat of Responsibility
Norm disruptors
Survivalist theme in permaculture?
What ethics are working against permaculture?

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Commercial Aquaponics Training With Biogas & Applied Permaculture

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Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create a truly self-sufficient closed loop system that uses only a fraction of the water, labor, energy, etc. that other methods use, while producing up to 10 times as much food!!

The webinar will introduce foundational concepts that will be expanded upon at the training such as:

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+ Case studies
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Join Us for a Aquaponics 101 at OpenMythSource – Reservoir

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