Permaculture Teaching Video #3: Permagram Symbolic Language for Global (Post-Crash) Permaculture Tribes – by Willi Paul. Co-Sponsored by

Permaculture Teaching Video #3: Permagram Symbolic Language for Global (Post-Crash) Permaculture Tribes – by Willi Paul. Co-Sponsored by & , 4-4-11.

Watch it here:

Project Development Notes (unedited)

Perma-gram (Post-Crash) Symbolic Language for Global Permaculture Tribes


Getting Insight and getting inside via a labyrinth
A way for people to enter the community

Language for tribes

Ignores specific historic languages


Photographic or line drawings

Communication system for after the crash

BARTER When a barter economy runs relations

Non-verbal (point not click)

Draw in the soil

Technical and emotive in character and use


No internet

Hand-held menu (labyrinth is base map) of symbols – shelter, work in garden and technology, relationship building

Ancient – Future Computer Talk

Re-diversification of the human gene pool via cross-migration of populations

Teaching through action / perma-mimicry

Symbol Categories:

Food, shelter, community, work, health, technology, design, sacred, ceremony, temperature, season, fuel, Internet,
Travel, communication, school + education, time = days, hours, years, future / past, tools, geography (place), tribe name, core beliefs, governance, health, wealth exchange, barter, temperature, more vs. less, weather, danger, planting vs. harvesting, composting,

General Behaviors:

Specific Actions

Desired Results


Tribe Scenarios:

Ideograms, pictograms, permagrams

Mollison on Patterning

Patterning is the way we frame our designs, the template into which we fit the information, entities, and objects assembled from observation,… the analytic divination of connections, and the selections of specific materials and technologies. It is this patterning that permits our elements to flow and function in beneficial relationships. The pattern is design, and design is the subject of permaculture. p. 70

Jung’s archetypes in language

Jung concluded that the unconscious mind is a superior counselor that we should listen to, and further researched the content of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

He discovered the existence of various images that appear in dreams and in the artistic and religious manifestations of people that belong to different civilizations, through all historical times, which are the archetypes.

The archetypes define the most important aspects of human life and the necessary psychical transformation that the human being has to pass through in order to develop completely his personality.

Australian Aboriginal Symbols

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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