A video conversation about new alchemy, mythology & the sacred in permaculture with Maddy Harland, Editorial Director – Permaculture Magazine & Willi Paul, EcoAlchemist

A video conversation about new alchemy, mythology & the sacred in permaculture with Maddy Harland, Editorial Director – Permaculture Magazine & Willi Paul, EcoAlchemist – openmythsource.com

Enjoy our trans-global discussion on YouTube

Initial questions for each participant:

For Willi –

1) For many people, permaculture is a design system. For example, permaculture case studies are used in local planning applications for building permissions. Permaculture is also seen as a useful strategy for community development within local government. At UN level, permaculture is described as integrated ecological design. Do you think you risk it being rejected by government and NGOs by describing as a spiritual practice?

2) Mythology is a powerful medium. Some permaculturists see humanity as having lost its connection with Nature and the natural world and regard permaculture as a means of reconnection. Do you think this is true? Or do you see the power of nature ‘in tooth and claw’ and think there was never an ideal Edenic state that human beings were heir to?

3) People are only just beginning to realize just how profoundly our way of thinking and our worldview limits what we imagine and can create. If we can train ourselves to adopt other perspectives, we open ourselves to far more possibilities and other ways of doing things in the world. If you could offer advice on ways to climb outside of our cultural imprinting what would it be?

4) What do you consider the role of intuition in permaculture design and how can design be intuitional?

5) How would you describe the art of creative living?

For Maddy –

What is the alternative to a permaculture society, Maddy?

What is the difference between sustainability practices and permaculture practices?

In my work, permaculture is primarily spiritual. Is this true for you?

What comes to mind when I say eco alchemy?

Are there new myths rising from the practice of permaculture?

What is sacred about the practice of permaculture?

How many permaculture symbols can you think of as you walk through your garden?

Maddy: Maddy at permaculture.co.uk | Willi: pscompub at gmail.com

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