Permaculture Teaching Video #3 – Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition by Willi Paul. Filmed & Edited by

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Permaculture Teaching Video #3 – Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition by Willi Paul. Filmed & Edited by Co-Sponsored by with

Watch Permaculture Teaching Video #3 – Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition HERE

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Video Journey Script – Lake Merritt

Scene One – Beach Landing by Band Shell

Draw in sand: Inner & Outer Model of the Scared

Scene Two – Community Garden

What is Permaculture? Some basic principles:

– Observe and Interact

– Catch and Store Energy

– Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

– Produce No Waste

– Design from Patterns

– Integrate Rather than Segregate

– Use Small and Slow Solutions

– Use and Value Diversity

– Creatively Use and Respond to Change

Permaculture Symbols:

Here are 6 potential sacred permaculture symbols that are built upon our love and respect for Nature, an integration of science and spirit.

– Diversity (Soil)

– Growth (Seeds)

– Harvest (Basket)

– Transformation (Fire + Smoke)

– Stewardship (Compost Pile)

– Localization (Community Well)

Scene Three –The New Alchemy @ Sculpture

Alchemy is Transmutation is Action and Communication. The new alchemies are now available and experienced as a spiritual exchange, vision maps, and digging in the soil.

I propose that the following types of alchemy are ready for our use:

Imaginative: This alchemy excites and creates our ideas, conflicts and even prayers in our brains.

Eco: Seeds, soil, plants and animals living, birthing and dying in a inter-related system pulsed by eco alchemy.

Shamanic: This is alchemy transmutates healing through ceremonies and rituals lead by a trained spiritual leader.

Sound or Sonic: The ancient alchemic power of song from cave rants to classical music and rock’n’roll.

Digital: Electronic learning and feeling working with computers including chat text, email and documents.

Community: People working with people: transforming attitudes, sharing ideas and making plans.

Earth: Planetary consciousness building and human evolution on a universal scale.

Scene Four – Wrap @ Doors at Church – Sacred

Two powerful examples of how the new alchemy is generating the sacred:

Dark Green Religion Movement and Rock Music

Dark green religion is:

– based on a felt kinship with the rest of life, that we are all related

– accompanied by feelings of humility and a corresponding negative view of humans as having a moral superiority

– reinforced by the idea of interdependence & mutual influence and respect

As for rock music, we hear and see symbols through rock music and art.

Band names and titles of records and songs contain important cues, many political or humorous, but some for “mythic punch.”

Album art work is the first to be interpreted and often carries the same meaning all over the world.

When musicians combine song lyrics with complimentary symbols, mythic meanings are reinforced and deepened.

Symbols and metaphors are the seeds, our invitation to the feast. And many symbols, like numbers and colors, have ancient meanings and universal power.

Conclusion –

Campbell might have asked at this point: Do we know the power of these symbols? Have we lost our connections to the mythic reservoir?

Think initiation, journey maps, heroes, green technologies and permaculture in your backyard, neighborhood and community!

Join us in the future in the openmythsource – reservoir

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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