We are the transition. sound scape – sonic alchemy by willi paul

we are the transition.

sound scape – sonic alchemy by willi paul, openmythsource.com



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Peak Oil = Peak Food = Peak War.

There were a lot of empty platitudes out of the sixties, but very few of them had to do with Food, as these were easy times, of great excess, and so as lot of people got addicted to the blame game, because they never had to face any real consequences.

Food was not an issue, when that really is all you need to live, and to prosper, and to reproduce, and to succeed as a Tribal Community, and as part of an integrated EcoSystem, as Gaia, or as Earthm, as it means having more than enough Food, and that is all important, but that means having a completely healthy EcoSystem that is always kicking out new food, in the form of acorns and berries, and a lot of other things that we wouldn’t even bother to eat, but that kind of food, which could be called Ambient Food, is far more important than the more specialized kinds of things we do eat.

Food is all you need, but that is not just a thing, or a substance, that needs to be packed up, and hoarded, and saved, as most people might like to think, but it is actually more of an Eco-Logical process that needs to be restored and protected, even though it does help to store food and water on many different levels, and not just to continue to rely upon the government supply lines.

Food Storage creates more locally controlled resilience.

Water Storage creates more locally controlled resilience.

There should be extra food in your car. There should be extra food in your bedroom. There should be extra food in your kitchen. There should be extra food where you work.

The EcoVillage Community should have its own larger scale Food Supply. The City should have Long Term Food Supplies. The County should have Long Term Emergency Food Supplies. The State should have huge silos full of grains. The Feds should have an even greater amount of Food on hand. And the United Nations, or similar World Food Organization, should have huge Food Reserves on hand.

The same thing is true about water. We have to learn to save more Water in the soil, by minimizing runoff, and by using Trees to shade the soil. We have to save more Water in aquifers, and we need to keep those Long Term Emergency Water Supplies, pure and clean and always completely topped off, almost all the time. We have to save Water, in lakes and reservoirs. We have to save Water, in outdoor Water Tanks. We need to save water, in indoor storage containers. We should have Water Jugs in the car. We should have water jugs at work. This is what gives us the resilience we desire.

But just as Water comes from a healthy ecosystem, and a clean environment, Food comes from a living healthy well integrated balanced natural world where the needs of men and women do not overpower the entire thing, with their endless demands for more, and more, and more extraction, and disruption, and so yes, we should be dead set against letting the peoples needs overpower everything that we have been given to take good care of, and not just to squander it all, as if we were entitled to do that, which is exactly what will happen, if we give them all the power to do as they please, when they have never even been trained in basic land stewardship, a great part of which is human population reduction and control, and you know that is not going to be a popular movement, because of the dumbing down of the world, unless we can put the Power of the Truth to work for us, so we can begin to face the Truth, just about these normal limitations.

Revolutionary Food Riots are going to be with us now, and especially in some of these places like Egypt, where most of the people are still under 25 years old. Is that because they never grow up? No. That is a very clear sign of an Over-Population Explosion, which is a very recent phenomenon based on sixties era surpluses.

Once we have gotten clear, with ourselves, at least, about what the real situation really is, then the answers will come to those gentle spirits, who will listen to the Truth, and who will accept the Truth, no matter what the consequences of that are, in terms of what people might like to think, or don’t want to think, but we must never lose sight, of the consequences to those things of higher priority, which we have taken upon ourselves to serve, such as to Save, and to Restore, and to Protect the Earth, and to put that First, which is what must be put first, before the peoples needs, to over reproduce, and to grab everything in sight, so why should those who have become dead weight upon the ecosystem have the last word on everything, and therein lies the answer, that the Earth comes First, and the people are all going to have to be here to serve the Earth, from now on, because that is the Food Source for all the people, and that is the Food Source for all the other plants and animals who live here.

The Earth, as a working system, is the only Food Source, for all the plants, and all the other animals, who are being crowded out severely, just to make room for an excessively large number of unnecessarily bloated Human Populations, of self centric victims of self destruction.

Most of these people are not even working for any cause, but their own self consumption, as the old Tribal Community way of life has been supplanted, by an individualistic way of life, of anonymous isolation as consumers in competition.

What we really need to know, in order to survive, and to thrive, is that we are all Food, and that we are all parts of a whole web of Food Communities, who all share energies through the process of the Natural Exchange of Nutrients and Resources, where all must agree to make a sizable contribution, if that becomes necessary, regardless of their personal wants and needs, which must be said for the first time ever, it is regardless of their needs, because the system, which is the whole EcoSystem, does not run on wants and needs, as those things are actually non-nutritive, and they do not feed into anything.

We need to cultivate our Food Supply, so we can continue to eat the kinds of Food that we like, which itself is in need of another kind of Food, so the most important thing is to be able to work that part of it out, where the Food comes from, and what that Food eats, then becomes important, and then when we find out what the Food we eat, eats, then we need to know what the Food the Food we eat eats, eats, and then how we can become Food ourselves, in such a way, as to Feed into that other end of the cycle, completing the circle, so that we can finally find a way to live sustainably, in peace, within the natural exchange of nutrients and resources, which is what the whole Food Cycle is all about, which we are an inextricable part of, and then we will know where we fit in, as a contributing part of it all, which is something which has been avoided, and denied, for too long now, even by those who think Gaia can be relied upon, when she most definitely cannot be, so we might need to become prepared to embrace something a little stronger, like Earthm, which even the men can identify with, and that is why we have introduced Earthm, as our name for the Spirit of the whole Web of Life, which is like Rhythm, and it is both, or neither, male and female, and is like the drumming, and humming, and buzzing sounds of the natural world in which we all live, which may have much more depth potential, for some people, and because Gaia, is getting stressed out, and can no longer function, as a source of endless provision, like a good Mother, who will always try to feed her children, but she too may fail, and out dependency on her, has failed to show workability, and compatibility with the real world, with supply and demand, and her inevitable solutions, to over-population, and over-extraction, like local or even worldwide starvation, sometimes are quite inhumane, the way most people might see it, and so that is why we have had to go so much farther out there, and much deeper down, so that a lot of people may feel lost, without their familiar old haunts, but those old memories, of days gone by, as dependent children, will still be kept active, in certain hidden places, but Gaia now needs our help, and she can no longer be relied upon to take care of us, because she is not being fed by all of this over-extraction, which is killing her, so we are going to have to stop acting like little children, and start taking full responsibility, for taking full care of her now, as being the one who comes first, in the natural order of priorities, to make sure that her needs are met first, and then we will all be allowed to eat, after she has had her fill. Sound like a Plan? Well then I want everyone to go outside, and stuff some food into the ground, so that Gaia can eat!

See you all at the next meeting in March! – T


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