Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Documentary & Presenter Interviews with Willi Paul & Catherine Walker

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Searching for the Sacred with Offering Maps, Nature & Digital Alchemy

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The Documentary:

Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution Workshop (19:25 min)

The Presenter Interviews:

With Willi Paul & Catherine Walker (8:28)

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“The metaphysical aspect of my work is called Soul Ecology. It’s a practice of developing deep intuition with one’s own soul journey by direct experience with nature and by extension, with the cosmos. With practice, one experiences the vastness of one’s being in resonance with the exquisite beauty and expansiveness of the nature world. It’s actually a kind of birthing process, where each of us gets to be the midwife in bringing our own true essence through.

There’s three phases to the overall process, that occur sequentially and also in repeated layers.

  • it begins with recognizing that what passes as ‘normal life’ today is really a massive delusion that is full of cracks in the mirror. It’s giving way to humanity’s next evolutionary phase.
  • Each of us individually develops an integrated consciousness to see and experience life as a dynamic whole.
  • (I love how Elias Lonsdale says it, so I’m going to quote him here): ‘Let the pressure of current intensities strip away your attachment to a dying world system and re-direct your life force into the land of the living.’

To sum it up, the events of this time we’re living in—on global and individual levels—is a kind of sacred fire that burns everything but love and accepts no substitutes.”

— Catherine Walker, from Presentation to Workshop

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