Sacred Re-tuner: New Alchemy and Mythic Maps by Willi Paul

Co-Presented by Magazine &

>> Videos

“Let’s Make New Myths Together.” Willi Paul Animate by Terry Hahin, David Metcalfe & Willi Paul.

inner&outer system of the sacred – Willi Paul –

“wires” – an videoscape by Willi Paul

>> essays

Sacred in Participation: Seek, Reflect, Share, Act, Evaluate (SRSAE)

Twittering towards the Sacred when it’s Right Here, inside me – and inside you.

Mythic Mandate: Building a community of practice and a workshop to create the new alchemy and mythologies

>> interviews with thought leaders

interview with internationally renowned author, lecturer and alchemist Dennis William Hauck

Interview with Steve Kilbey, painter, father and Songleader of The Church

interview with Tinkering School director Gever Tulley

Interview with Stephen Gerringer – Community Relations, Joseph Campbell Foundation

Transformed as if in a Dream: Alchemical Transmutation and Our Sacred Earth. Interview with Michelle Ramona Silva, PhD.

Instinct, observation and tribal wisdom. Event Circle 2010.9 Interview with Bron Taylor, author of Dark Green Religion

>> poems and rants

Alt-beings online.

before the ePetroglyphs break

>> interviews with willi

PlanetShifter’s Willi Paul Synergizes Sustainability and Mythology Interview by SWAiL in ZOUCH Magazine & Miscellany.

An Interview from the Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution: Willi Paul & David B. Metcalfe. By Patrick Brinkerhoff,

Willi Paul & the New Mythologists. Interview by

The Unedited Eco-Hero Interview with Willi Paul, Magazine – by David Metcalfe, The Eyeless Owl

>> network Magazine – reservoir

openmythsource – tumblr

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Please join us at the openmythsource reservoir for discussion and revolution.

Willi Paul, Founder & Writer: Magazine &
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